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Maccha Bubble Tea

Updated on November 3, 2012
What flavor are you?
What flavor are you? | Source

I love bubble tea. And glad that whenever I crave for it, there was two locations nearby that I could go to and satisfy my craving. I always get the tapioca milk tea, somehow I wanted to try other flavors but just a little scared of doing so as I might not like it. And then when I finally decided to try the lavender milk tea, the Tapioca Express branch I went to doesn't carry the lavender milk tea.

If you had one, or should I say if you are like me who loves bubble tea, you know what I mean.

The matcha tea from Mitsuwa Marketplace.
The matcha tea from Mitsuwa Marketplace. | Source

Anyway, about maccha or matcha, I came across matcha geen tea when I went to a Japanese store, Mitsuwa Marketplace with brother and three of his friends. They suggested the tea saying it was good, it was quite costly though as 1 bag has about 7 teabags and worth about 7 bucks.

So I was tempted to buy one but didn't. But when we're back home, I was surprised younger brother got one, and suggested me again to just give it a try. It was a fair taste for me at first. Or should I say more than fair, good or it could be that because it was the first time I had it and the taste was new to me. But I want a bit of sweetness, and I could think of bubble tea so I added powdered milk which is Nido, I like Nido. And it tasted much better. Now all I need to add to it to make it my own bubble tea was tapioca pearls.

And since it was just my experiment if it will at least taste closely to bubble tea, I only boiled a handful of pearls. And I preferred the black tapioca pearls over the rainbow colors. Why? That was because I expected the rainbow colors to show off how colorful and bright they are, but once boiled, not with my experienced as the colors seems faded. So I would just stick with the black pearls.

Both rainbow colored and black pearls tapioca. I got both from a Vietnamese store.
Both rainbow colored and black pearls tapioca. I got both from a Vietnamese store. | Source

Boiling the pearls only took me less than 30 minutes and it was ready. With my still warm Maccha tea which already has 3 teaspoonfuls of powdered milk, and a teaspoon of sugar, I added the black tapioca pearls in it. And my experiment tasted like a real bubble tea, well, for me at least.

I once tried using a cold water, but the powder won't fully dissolve. And so I just transferred it into a mug and heat it on the microwave for a minute. I took few sips since the hot tea is good, and the rest, I just let it sat on the kitchen table to cool off and drank it later that day. also, pieces of ice can be added to it but I didn't chose to, maybe next time I will.

And here's how it looks like with the black tapioca pearls sitting at the bottom.

But what is bubble tea?

Does the tea bubbles? No.

With milk, together with any fruit syrup or fruit, and of course the tea itself, bubble tea also known as boba, (like I call it) or milk tea was from Taiwan. Milk tea and teas with fruit flavors in them are the two types of boba or bubble tea. I always get the milk tea type, and with the chewy tapioca pearls in it, it makes the boba attractive and I like the dark pearls because they we're shiny black. I loved chewing them too.

What about matcha tea/matcha powder?

Maccha is a finely grounded green leaves. And because they we're the green leaves, drinking the matcha powder can be said consuming all that extract and enjoying the health benefits along with it. And not only taken as tea, it is also being used as a natural food coloring.

On my search on Hubpages about matcha or what is matcha tea, I came into reading one of the hub which you may want to read as well to get more into understanding about this matcha green tea powder and how is maccha harvested.

And because there's only three more teabags left, I decided to check into Ebay for matcha/maccha powder tea and I found a good buy. So I'm waiting now for a 50g. of Matcha tea powder for less than $5 with free shipping. With the amount of money I had just saved with it, I have to deal with the long wait since it will take up to 22 business days of delivery as the product was from Hongkong, so I'm gonna be waiting for almost a month.

Now, I'm not only gonna have it for tea as I had stumbled into some maccha/matcha goodies that I am so wanting to try and make myself. They look delicious. Here's the link to two matcha recipes I wanted to try in case you might wanna see, but I'm warning you, you might be tempted too.



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    • precy anza profile image

      precy anza 5 years ago from USA

      @ Iamaudraleigh: Lol. Thank you. Makes me wonder if he or both of you went hunting for a bubble tea place. ^-^'

    • precy anza profile image

      precy anza 5 years ago from USA

      @ Sheepsquatch: Thank you ^-^'I thought it would be cute than putting it on a bubble tea plastic cup.

    • profile image

      iamaudraleigh 5 years ago

      My boyfriend's mouth was drooling when he read this! Voted up and shared!

    • Sheepsquatch profile image

      Sheepsquatch 5 years ago from Springfield, MO

      I like your bubble tea in the coca-cola. It is a nice touch.