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McDonald's Popularity

Updated on September 8, 2016

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The Allure of Convenience

As I sit at McDonald's, large coffee in front of me, I wonder what everyone else is doing here. The clock tells me it's 11 PM. I'm sitting next to my friend while he takes advantage of the free WiFi, and I look around. No one else seems to be on a laptop, so what are they doing here?

The simple answer is convenience. McDonald's offers 24 hour service, so whether it's noon or midnight, you can still get that sandwich you were craving. Many night-shift workers walk through the doors in search of cheap yet tasty food that they can take with them on their way back to work. But it's not just the long hours that draws people in, it's the sheer amount of McDonald's around the world. People will find it's much easier to stop at your local McDonald's than to drive to the next town for a cheap burger. McDonald's has really monopolized on their chance to spread their reaches to the far corners of the world.

Cheap yet Tasty

It's no secret that children love Kid's Meals. Besides coming with a toy, the food tastes good. Many adults would agree, as some come to McDonald's every day. Of course, no food that can be cooked and served this fast is the healthiest but having a burger here and there is not going to do you much harm. Perhaps it's only been in recent years, but McDonald's does seem to use fresh ingredients for their products and I can personally vouch for this. From checking every piece of lettuce to using the best looking meat products, McDonald's taste is unlike other restaurants and seems like it cannot be beat.

But the food is cheap for a reason. Cooked in large batches, the McDonald's cooks are able to make multiple sandwiches quickly and keep the most popular ones on stand-by. It is very possible that the cheeseburger you just ordered was made about five minuets ago. Of course, if the food is not used within a certain time-frame, it is put into the waste bucket. But fear not, your food was not just sitting out to get cold. There is a very warm place for them to sit and keep them fresh for as long as possible. McDonald's does care about quality, but keep in mind that they have to keep up with the demand of hundreds of sandwiches being ordered per day.

Something for Everyone

A lot of McDonald's include a Play Place. Children love to run and play in this area, climbing on the structures set up for them, then eat their tasty Kid's Meal and play with the included toy. McDonald's does have a lot of things for kids to be entertained by, from a Play Place, to toys, and even to activities on the back of the tray liners. We all know if the child is happy, then the parents are happy. Though it is tailored more towards children, there are some things for the adults to. From inviting interior and nice decor, televisions are stationed around the restaurant. You should feel free to drink your soda as you watch the current football game, or drink your coffee and hear that morning news that you might have missed in your rush out of your house. Most McDonald's also offer free refills on coffee.


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    • Kyriaki Chatzi profile image

      Kyriaki Chatzi 19 months ago

      Although I am not a McDonald's fan, I really enjoyed your piece! Welcome to Hubpages!

    • mio cid profile image

      mio cid 19 months ago from Uruguay

      Very good article about Mc Donalds,I loved it when I was a kid,and my kids loved the play place and the food. Nothing wrong with eating a big mac once in a while .welcome to HP.