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McDonald's Vs Wendy's

Updated on January 20, 2017


Who doesn't love a good hamburger? The most famous fast food chain ever, McDonald's began back in 1954, when Ray Kroc teamed up with Maurice and Richard McDonald to establish McDonald's. Since then, the company has flourished and offers burgers, chicken, fries, milkshakes, and more to its customers for an inexpensive price. Time to see how their products hold up!

1. Burgers.
The staple food of McDonald's, most of us have had quite a few of these in our time. The company offers many different burgers and sandwiches, from Big Macs to McChicken to McRib sandwiches. The burgers taste fairly good, but you can sometimes tell the meat and buns were originally frozen. Still, the wide variety available ensures you'll find something to enjoy.

2. Sides
McDonald's offers tons of tasty treats to enjoy. McNuggets let us eat some yummy chicken. The crust isn't very crispy, but the nuggets have a classic taste. Best served with dipping sauce. McDonald's fries are delicious, crispy outside and soft inside. Coffee products prove passable; many aren't the best you'll encounter, but there are a couple winners here.

3. Affordability
McDonald's excels with price. Offering many meal bundles and a dollar menu, anyone with a low budget won't have to worry about breaking the bank. Check out their extra value combos to find even more ways to save!

4. Nutrition
Time for the elephant in the room. Just how badly do McDonald's products lack nutrition? Well, their Big Mac by itself contains 530 calories. A value pack of fries adds another 100, and a soft drink (with free refills) can take one meal to over 1000 calories. Anyone trying to lose weight or obtain their daily nutrients likely won't succeed here. However, to McDonald's credit, they've taken some steps forward: they offer oranges, apples, and yogurt as side items instead of fries. Plus, they have updated their salads to be more calorie-friendly. And it's refreshing to see them encourage children to drink low fat milk or juice instead of soda.

5. Overall
McDonald's products offer decent taste with excellent convenience and savings at the cost of extra calories. As long as you limit your trips here, or go for some of the healthier sides, you can enjoy McProducts without sacrificing your health. But is it just me, or does Ronald look way too similar to Marv (Daniel Stern) from Home Alone?

Daniel Stern
Daniel Stern
Ronald McDonald
Ronald McDonald


In 1969, Dave Thomas, a man who dreamed of better burgers, opened the first Wendy's in Columbus, Ohio. Since then, the company has expanded into the third largest fast food burger franchise in the world. Wendy's aims to provide quick, quality burgers to consumers across the globe.

1. Burgers.
Wendy's may not offer as many choices as McDonald's, but the options offered are delicious. Wendy's uses fresh, square-shaped patties to create delicious sandwiches. Selections include the classic quarter pounder single patty, the Baconator, and the monstrous 3/4 pound triple cheeseburger. Also, the patties may be enjoyed with unique pretzel buns. When eating a burger at Wendy's, I can almost trick myself into thinking I'm not consuming fast food.

2. Sides
Other items available at Wendy's include chili, fries, salads, and their signature Frostys. Their fries stand apart by having a dash of sea salt added to them. Sadly, I find they often seem stale, or are overloaded with too much salt. Some might enjoy this unique taste, but I prefer other companies for fries. Wendy's nuggets fare better; the bread always seems just crispy enough to satisfy. And of course, they offer delicious Frostys, chilled milkshake-like beverages that offer a sweet way to end a meal. The unique texture makes the beverage so delicious. Flavors are simple (vanilla and chocolate); I'd like to see more options or toppings available.

3. Affordability.
While Wendy's won't bust your budget, plan to pay a little more here than at other fast food restaurants. Some of the larger burgers by themselves will run you at least 8 dollars. Thankfully, Frostys offer a bargain price; the largest size is under 3 dollars.

4. Nutrition.
Like McDonald's, Wendy's suffers from some calorie-heavy meals. Its mighty 3/4 lb triple burger contains a whopping 1090 calories alone. To be fair, you're getting more food with this than with any other fast food burger, but that's still a huge amount. More calorie sensitive burgers include the Double Stack and Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger, both under 450 calories. Large Frostys contain almost 600 calories, but this can be reduced to under 400 by purchasing a smaller size. Parents will be pleased to hear kids are encouraged to substitute fries and sodas for apples and milk.

5. Overall.
Wendy's supplies its customers with delicious, sizable meals at a reasonable price. Their new interior design also impresses, featuring a sleek and modernized look. You might want to substitute or skip some side items to cut down on calories when dining here, though.

Overall Winner?

Comparing these two burger juggernauts, we determine the victor in each category:

1. Burgers - Wendy's
Wendy's giant and fresh burgers offer the better taste.

2. Sides- McDonald's
Close, but McDonald's tasty nuggets and fries defeat the Frosty. Also, McDonald's has its own selection of frozen treats to enjoy.

3. Affordability - McDonald's
Few can compete with the great deals McDonald's offers.

4. Nutrition - McDonald's
While neither chain has a clear edge, McDonald's supplies more healthy choices and offers many salads under 400 calories, giving it a surprise win!

5. Overall - McDonald's
My taste buds prefer a Wendy's burger, but factoring in tasty side items, cost, and a variety of healthier options, I'd rather head to McDonald's. Still, it's a close call, and Wendy's certainly provides a cleaner eating environment; give both a try and see which you prefer!

If only I can make myself forget about McDonald's new mascot, Happy, I'll be a happy camper.

The New Mascot

Happy. Looking at this guy,  I'm anything but.
Happy. Looking at this guy, I'm anything but.

Which restaurant do you prefer?

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