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Mexico's FIFA Guerrero's

Updated on June 23, 2014

Mexico’s FIFA Guerrero’s

Volume 6, Issue 18, June 23, 2014

The colorful and rich history of Mexico from the Azteca’s to the Mayan temple and the Latino empires that ruled the Southern Mexican coast and innermost regions of Mexico.

The ancient rivals of the Azteca and Mayan empires would do battle on the playing field of soccer and the winner would be able to live another day, but the loser captain would be put to death in this soccer game of the ancient world. Imagine the rivals as they prepared and ate their meals filled with flavorful spices and herbs that would produce the maximum amount of energy and stamina to survive the ancient games of the ancient soccer world.

A tiny hole above the playing field was the goal fence that the ancient warriors of soccer would vie for a hole in one. The soccer players were to try and ace a ball through one of the holes made in the ancient ruins that we know today. Not only did the Europeans have soccer in their history but the ancient world of Mexico had experience since 1846 with the Aztecs who played with a stone ball into a basket like hole against the temple wall.

All of the fighting factions from Europe to the Americas in the U.S. wanted a piece of what was and is a colorful, vibrant, and rich country. Mexico is comprised of 31 states in one federal district and the temples of each region like Chichen-Itza (Kukulkan) in Yucatan, the Mayan pyramid in Chiapas, and Tenochititlan in Mexico City all have produced different and unique foods to each region and are as diverse as the people that are from each region.

Spice and chili flavorings are a primary staple in the cooking and herbs gathered to entice and captivate the audience of food consumption in the beautiful and colorful Mexican Country. There is no doubt that rice, beans, and spicy- chili flavored meats garnish the gourmet plates made by the people of Mexico. Even the vegetables are spiced and flavored with seasonings that are developed to entice and enrapture the consumer with exotic and extraordinary tastes.

All said and done the FIFA Guerrero’s are pampered and fed the luscious and spicy herbs, roots, and spices that flavor and season their favorite dishes. At one time some of the seasonings could only be found in Mexico but with trade and the invading factions of the ancient world by ancient empires and migrating tribes it was carried out throughout the world.

The Spanish Conquest and European invasion also brought new spices, herbs, roots, and foods that were mixed or fused with the Mexican foods of the era. Not only were people fused or mixed but so was the food of the era.

Some of the herbs we have already talked about have been Mexican Oregano, Mormon Tea, Wormseed, Prickly Poppy, Damiana, Wild Yam, Yerba Santa, and Wild tobacco. But there are still a few that we have yet to embark upon and talk about they are:

  • Peruvian Balsam
  • Chaparral
  • Cardamom
  • Castor Oil Plant
  • Bitter Leaf
  • Sarsaparilla
  • Grindelia
  • Peyote
  • Thyme
  • Vanilla
  • Pipsissewa

Peruvian Balsam

This evergreen tree grows to a height of 50 plus feet and has two other names; Balsam of Peru and Peruvian Balsam. The tree produces grayish thin-banded leafs that are speckled gray and green leafs. It also produces a bean or bean fruit that are engaged in cooking that look like peas. Many products are produced with this aromatic tree that produces oils and spices that are very aromatic and tasty. Some of aromatic products this tree produces is cinnamon and vanilla products and are also available in oils and other products.

Medicinal uses and engagement include the use of this tree for stopping hemmorages, wound healing, cut healing, burn remedies, parasite elimination, asthma, emphysema, diarrhea, rheumatic symptoms, scabies, skin ailments, fungal contagion, itching, bronchitis, fevers, colds, infections,and cough drops.


A flowery and vibrant green colored tree also known as Creosote Bush, Greasewood, and Hediondilla is a bush that grows plentiful in Mexico.

Medicinal engagement include tuberculosis ailments, arthritis, cancer, cramps, colds, hair tonic, antioxidant purposes, infections, tuberculosis, sexually transmitted diseases, fungal infections, fevers, gout, anemia, snakebites, chickenpox, and premenstrual syndrome (PMS).


Is a plant that produces a very famous spice and is also known as Ela, Elaci, Malabar Cardamom, and Sha-ren. This plant is used for a variety of products and the Egyptians used it to manufacture cosmetics and perfumes. It is a famous Ayurvedic medicine. The Cardamom plant grows up to 4 meters in height and has rare looking leafs and seeds that look like very tiny corn husks.

Medicinal uses include indigestion remedies, cramps, asthma, bronchitis, kidney stones, anorexia, urinary incontinence, and bad breath odor.

Castor Oil Plant

This evergreen shrub grows up to 30 feet in height and is regal looking in its starry leafed and bushel flora. The leafs look like small palms and it bears a green flora. This particular plant is also known as Bofareira, Castor bean plant, Mexico Seed, Oil plant, Palma Christi, and Pei-ma. This plant was also used and engaged by royal families and empires as far west and east as the Egyptian Empires and African deserts.

Caution: This can produce one of the deadliest resins or toxins on earth.

Medicinal engagement include poisoning remedies, constipation, skin ailments, infections, indigestion, boils cures, eczema, and dandruff treatment.

Bitter Leaf

Also known as Mujonso is a small tree or shrub that could reach up to twenty three feet in height. The is a leafy shrub with small white flora clusters that sprout from its stems.

Medicinal engagement include diabetes, headaches, AIDS, joint aches, gingivitis, atherosclerosis enclosure, and toxin elimination. This powerful and useful substance helps rid the body of toxins and waste and it reduces the blood sugar in the body. It ensures the proper flow of transported cells to the pancreas and the organ that produces insulin.


This plant was engaged for the remedy of syphilis and is a natural blood-purifier.

Medicinal engagement include skin problems, psoriasis, eczema, itchiness, rheumatoid arthritis, impotence, menopause, depression, and menstral problems.


This plant is also known as the Gumplant and it grows wild in the Americas also. It is a flowery plant that bears yellow flora and it aids patients with many afflictions.

Medicinal properties and uses include the relief of allergic reactions, asthma, bronchitis, whooping cough, hay fever, rash, and eczema.


The infamous plant that has been used for centuries by the shamans of the ancient world in Aztec and American Indian History to produce a supernatural trip in religious ceremonies is a small cactus-like plant. This plant is also engaged and used in other products besides the infamous rituals.

Shamans used and engaged this plant for fevers, snakebites, wounds, fractures, and vomiting. In addition to the shaman uses it has been engaged for toothache, skin complaints, diabetes, rheumatism, pain, burns, and insect bites.


A flowery shrub or bush that is indigenous to Europe and Asia is a low-growing perennial with purple flora and white flora.

Medicinal uses and engagement include skin conditions, rash, burns, and was and is used in ayurvedic medicine. It is engaged for immune system remedies, viral infections, asthma, indigestion, fatigue, depression, and anxiety.


The incredible vanilla plant that grows in abundant vines in Mexico is a wonderfully aromatic plant that the Aztecs used or engaged to season a popular chocolate drink that is still consumed today.

Medicinal engagement include fever remedies, hysteria, and immune system disorders.


This petite evergreen is a ground shrub that grows up to 10 inches in height and it produces a green glossy leaf and pink flora. It has several other names:

  • Butter Winter
  • Ground holly
  • King’s cure
  • Love in Winter
  • Prince’s-pine
  • Pyrola umbellate
  • Rheumatism Weed

It has several medicinal uses from kidney stone remedies to blisters and reducing swelling of the limbs. It helps with rheumatism, cardiac problems, skin complaints, inflammation, gout, cramps, and stomach ailments.


Retrieved from the Internet (free dictionary online)

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