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Miami Restaurant Review: 920 Grill

Updated on February 5, 2013

A friend was recently able to get her hands on a living social voucher for Lincoln Ave’s 920 Grill and invited me out for dinner; late birthday gift. I enjoyed it, mostly the company of a good friend but the restaurant as well.

Server: Meagan


Wine: $31

Spinach and cheese empanadas $6.95

White fish prepared in a butter sauce with steamed tomatoes, risotto, and sautéed spinach $24

Lobster ravioli with nuts $24

The venue is casual.

Price: $$$


Seating is available outdoors or inside. They have a nice semi private window area for seating which is where my guest and I sat directly nearest to the entry way. The space is perfect for a semi-private conversation as well as a great spot to people watching with an unobstructed view of all the happenings outside the restaurant.

Seating is very comfortable and spacious particularly in the window space. Where we sat was a plush bench with pillows and two café style 30x30 square tables pushed together to form a single longer table. Space I can absolutely appreciate as I am not a tiny girl. Although, I’m not sure how available this seating would be on a busier night.


When I entered the restaurant, I first noticed the wine rack in the back behind the bar/cashier area. It extended all the way to the ceiling. As my eyes moved up the rack to the ceiling, I could see the recessed lighting accenting the wine rack. I found that to be a very nice touch as well, which is probably why the wine rack caught my attention in the first place. Not to mention, I love modern shelving décor.

I am not a design expert by any measure but the color scheme seemed a bit disjointed. I did notice blue, brown, yellow and various shades of cream and cream shimmers. The seating didn’t seem to tie into the wall décor besides the plush backing that served as a wall accent and a seating element (which I found to be pretty cool) but I’m sure it’s just me. As I said, I’m not a design expert.

The décor uses a lot of pillows as well as dim lighting which gives the restaurant a lounge feel. It also had lamps and mirrors like the one in my grandmother’s house, so in a way it sort of gave me the feeling of being home and winding down for bed. I do consider that a good feeling by the way. You know that feeling like you’re taking away all the stress from your day.


FOOD, FOOD, FOOD! Why does that word look weird to me in all caps *shrugs*? On to the food. I’d like to tell you the spinach and cheese empanadas, and lobster ravioli that I’d order was yummy and absolutely scrumptious but then I’d be lying. To be honest, I don’t recall seeing or tasting any cheese in the empanadas at all and we all know Americans love their cheese; cheese burgers, chili cheese dogs, cheddar fries, cheese pizza, ‘nough said. But since I love spinach so much, they actually tasted pretty good. I’d give them 3.5 out of 5 stars; more cheese please.

The lobster ravioli with nuts was not good. It wasn’t bad either. It was mostly bland. The sauce was poorly made and completely over powered the light taste of the lobster. There could have been shrimp in there or any other meat and I wouldn’t have noticed a difference in taste; texture maybe but not taste. In the future, I would suggest them offering a choice between red or white sauce. And after everything, the nuts just got lost in the sauce.

My friend had the white fish in butter sauce with steamed tomatoes, risotto, and sautéed spinach. I don’t think you’ll find this on the menu. It was the chef special for the night. She said it was delicious and that’s all I have to say about that as I did not have the pleasure of trying the dish for myself.

We also had white wine; Cuevas de Sur Sauvignon Blanc from Chile. It was very nice; my first time trying it. It had a nice crisp taste and a very light sweetness with a slightly bitter after taste. I enjoyed it so much I could barely put my glass down. I found this surprising because I usually lean towards sweeter wine. I had been considering a Riesling.

Our Server: MEAGAN

She’s new not very good at her job, yet, but very nice. She took great care of us. Checked on us frequently and got everything we needed in a timely manner. She even made a bit of conversation here and there; I love a friendly server. She didn’t come too often though; that would have been annoying as we were often in deep conversation. She made few mistakes, well, actually only one very obvious one bringing the wrong side dishes with the white fish. She also had some troubles pronouncing things on the menu; which could be a big deal to someone but not me.

Violet Hughs



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