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Minnesota Cooking: Farberware Air Fryer - What Can I Fry?

Updated on April 2, 2017

The Decision to Buy a Air Fryer

Today we took the plunge. After days of Googling and trying to watch youtube videos of people cooking with their Air Fryer, the decision was made to spontaneously purchase an Air Fryer at Walmart.

Well, maybe not so spontaneously, since we looked at them at Menards. We looked at them on my phone. We went to Walmart and placed one in the cart. It was $79 dollars. Then, we went to the frozen food aisle and selected boxes and bags of frozen food.

Let the Games Begin

We like a lot of deep fried foods. The instructions for the Air Fryer claim that anything you can cook in a conventional oven, can be cooked in the Air Fryer.

We also found that there are some things that, may not be cooked in the oven, but, with a little finangling, it can be made to work just fine in the fryer.

Some foods are better in the fryer. In fact, my hubby was happy to the point of actual tears of joy with some of the findings.

We Got Out One or Two From Each Box

We tried four egg rolls for the first experiment.

The hardest part was opening the plastic bags holding the food. I used a scissors.

The door of the fryer is like a drawer. It is a double walled drawer, that unhooks at the front with a small red button that is covered with a clear plastic slide. When you slide the clear cover back, you are able to access the red release button.

The frozen food is placed in the air basket in a single layer. Since we had breaded, frozen foods, and unbreaded frozen foods, we started putting the foods we had in the fryer one by one.

Pre Thaw? Nahhh!

Most of our frozen foods were frozen. The directions inform you to place your frozen food in the refrigerator to partially thaw it.

It wasn't necessary. You just have to add an additional 5 minutes the normal 10 minutes of cooking time.

We have I can't Believe It's Not Butter spray, so I used that for things that we dry coated. Like the dill pickles that we rolled in Fry Magic and placed in the fryer. I sprayed them with Spray Butter. 10 minutes in the fryer. Yummy..

The raw, breaded, frozen shrimp with the white breading, we sprayed with butter. The frozen Chicken Kiev was fine just placed in the fryer. The frozen french fries were good right from the bag, directly into the fryer. 15 minutes. If you wanted to, you could spray them with the spray butter. I did not.

The french fries ended up crispy on the outside, and moist and soft on the inside. Delicious! The Chicken Kiev usually dries out in the oven. In the Air Fryer, it was moist and the butter actually was retained inside instead of cooking out like it does in our regular oven. Nice!!!

The egg rolls cooked to a crispy crunchy outside and the inside was moist and delicious, too!

We cook Potstickers in the frying pan, and the air fryer did manage to cook them okay. The outside was crispy instead of just browned, so this may be something that we continue to cook in the frying pan.

I took pictures of everything, before, during and after cooking. Insides. Outsides.

drawer on front is where food goes in. Single Layer.
drawer on front is where food goes in. Single Layer.
frozen egg rolls. Unwrap. Place in fryer. 15 minutes at 400 degrees.
frozen egg rolls. Unwrap. Place in fryer. 15 minutes at 400 degrees.

How Exciting!!!

I can coat pickle chips with Fry Magic, spray with Spray Butter and place in the air fryer and they cook up crispy and golden brown.


We Are Not Disappointed

I am personally glad that we purchased our Air Fryer.

Easy Clean Up in Warm Soapy Water


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    • firstcookbooklady profile image

      Char Milbrett 13 months ago from Minnesota

      Peach purple, potato chips? Cool! Thanks for your comment.

    • peachpurple profile image

      peachy 13 months ago from Home Sweet Home

      i have a air fryer too, panasonic brand, same like yrs, i put to 180c, let it fry the potato chips for 15min, crisp but plain, had to sprinkle salt before hand