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Mint Chocolate Chip Klondike Bars Are Cool, Refreshing And Delicious Treats

Updated on March 22, 2015

Thrilled With Ice Cream

Like many other people, I just love eating ice cream. One of my favorite flavors is mint chocolate chip.

For years, I have been purchasing and eating original-style Klondike Bars. When I first saw that mint chocolate chip-flavored Klondike Bars were available, I was thrilled.

Now, after purchasing and eating several packages of Klondike Mint Chocolate Chip Bars, I'm definitely thrilled with the flavor and texture offered by the frozen treats.

Presented here in an effort to assist the consumer, is one ice cream-lover's review of Klondike Mint Chocolate Chips Bars.


Each Klondike Mint Chocolate Chip Bar measures-in at three square inches. The package size that I'm reviewing here is the six-bar pack.


The regular retail price that I paid for one 24 fluid ounce six-pack of Klondike Mint Chocolate Chip Bars at a Hartford, Connecticut supermarket was approximately $3.

The price works out to $0.50c per bar, which I think is very reasonable.


The texture or mouth-feel of food items is very important to me. The Klondike Mint Chocolate Chip Bar consistently offers delightful textures that are always pleasing to eat.

The light ice cream has a great texture that is in between soft serve and hard ice creams. The chocolate chips are very small, but they add a little bit of extra texture to the bite.

A delightful dark chocolate coating that offers a nice, crispy 'snap' encircles the light vanilla ice cream. The combination of soft and crispy works quite well together.

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Nutritional Facts

The Klondike Mint Chocolate Chip Bar contains 240 calories with 130 calories from fat, per one 79 gram bar. This tasty ice cream bar also contains 11 grams of saturated fat, 0 grams trans fat, 14 grams total fat, 10 mg of cholesterol, 50 mg of sodium, 28 grams total carbohydrates, 2 grams of dietary fiber, 21 grams of sugars and 3 grams of protein per one bar serving.


Mint chocolate chip has been one of my favorite ice cream flavors for many years. The mint chocolate chip ice cream in the Klondike Mint Chocolate Chip Bars is not overly minty and is one of the better tasting versions of the flavor that I've encountered.

The ice cream in these bars is refreshing and not too sweet. The dark chocolate flavored coating is also not too sweet and it accentuates the mint flavored ice cream splendidly.

If you're already a fan of mint chocolate chip flavored ice cream, there's a good chance that you would enjoy eating the Klondike Mint Chocolate Chip bar.

On a flavor scale of one through ten, I would assign these ice cream bars a rating of 9.75.


Each individual Klondike Mint Chocolate Chip Bar is cloaked in a silver metallic wrapper. The wrapper features the iconic Klondike blue and white lettering and the Klondike polar bear as well as the words "mint chocolate chip" in green and white lettering.

A great thing about the Klondike Bar wrappers is that they do not stick to the ice cream or the chocolate coating. Sometimes, I only want to eat one-half of a bar and decide to refreeze the other half. When I unwrap it later, the bar always releases itself from the wrapper quickly and easily.

The six-bar package of Klondike Mint Chocolate Chip Bars features an attractive green cardboard enclosure that has a closeup photo of one of the ice cream bars alongside the Klondike polar bear.

Overall Rating

When it comes to giving an overall rating to Klondike Mint Chocolate Chip Bars, it doesn't require a lot of thought. To this reviewer's palate, they taste fantastic and the combination of textures is quite pleasing.

Would I purchase these ice cream bars again? Yes. In fact, they're already on my grocery list.

Do I recommend Klondike Mint Chocolate Chip Bars? Definitely, yes.


Product Rating

5 stars for Klondike Mint Chocolate Chip Bars


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