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Mint Leaves,Easy to Grow, Cheap Herb With 20 Benefits

Updated on June 13, 2019

Mint In My Garden


How To Efficiently Use Mint Leaves

Once I saw a video on you tube about Mint plant, where someone was telling how to grow it. I literally did what the guy in video told, bought a fresh plant from Tesco, used half of it and planted left over in my garden. Few weeks later it started growing. When winter comes it dies off, leaving no signs of plant anywhere. Every season i think it will never grow back. To my surprise it starts growing back every spring, spreading its roots even far from where I planted it. My friends and neighbours ask for fresh mint whenever they wanted to make sauce(chatni). We Asian love mint sauce with everything, with curries, samosas,pkoras, chapati, chicken or fish whatever we eat, it goes well along. Here are some other ways to use your mint leaves.

Mint Tea:

Its very easy to make mint tea. We make it daily by adding mint leaves alongside some ginger and lemon juice. Just boil few leaves and an inch of ginger once and then let it simmer for few minutes. Add lemon at the end and serve with honey. It will make 2 to 3 cups.

Mint Oil:

Mint oil is used for pain relief and for itchy dry skin. Its very easy to make by infusing mint leaves in olive oil.

Mint Water:

Mint water is used a lot for health and detox purposes. There are many recipes where people use mint with cucumber and lemon in water.

Mint for Skin:

You can crush the leaves and add some honey or egg and can make very refreshing mask to apply on face.

Mint for Allergies:

Scientists have studied and found it very effective for seasonal allergies. Consume it in tea or in water or use in salad. All are very effective and tasty way to use this herb.

Mint For Cracked Nipples:

It has also been studied and found effective treatment to apply on sore and cracked nipples.

Mint For Digestion:

Mint is used for centuries in herbal remedies to aid in digestion. It helps calm down digestive tract.

Mint for Gas Pain:

Mint tea is also used for bloating and gas pains alongside with onion seeds.

Mint For Nausea:

It helps to give relief from nausea.

Mint For Pain Relief:

It gives relief from muscle pain by adding turmeric and coconut oil in it.


It has been studied due to its good effect on Adhd. It helps to focus and calm down.


Mint Top Anti Oxidant

Everyone talks about vegetables as super food and full of vitamins and minerals but not many talk about herbs and its benefits. Most herbs are very easy to grow at your home, you can use it on daily basis and gets its benefit without adding any cost on your pocket. Like mint plant is one of easiest herb which will take only few minutes to plant but will give you fresh leaves year after year to use in your kitchen to bathroom.Mint is the top herb which is rich in anti oxidant, hence it will prevents anti ageing and helps you avoid diseases like cancer. Its a low calorie herb, containing most of the essential vitamins and minerals including Vitamin A, B and C. It also has iron and potassium zinc and copper. The refreshing aroma of mint is due to Menthol which is also used in many toothpaste and lotions. Menthol also help relieving pain and has soothing effect on body.

Medical Benefits Of Mint

Sore Throat:

If you have sore throat or suffer from sinus, inhaling diffused mint oil will quickly give you relief. Adding honey in mint tea will sooth your throat.

Chronic Fatigue:

Inhaling diffused mint oil will pass blood brain barrier and will increase the transmission of oxygen to blood which will boost your mood and stamina.

Reduce Fever:

Mix it with some coconut oil and rub on children feet and neck. It has cooling properties so will reduce fever without needing other medication.


It has been studied to reduce migraines and headaches by improving blood circulation and by healing gut.


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