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Mobile Kitchens In Use

Updated on January 29, 2013

Natural Disasters

When times of crisis happen, such as the recent hurricane to slam the northeast shore board needed supplies such as food and water can be disrupted. This is why its so important to try to stockpile some food and water before a natural disaster. The problem, though, with natural disasters, is that many are unpredictable, and many do not offer the recipients much time to prepare of plan, let alone evacuate. The good news is that modern science and technology are a great way of tracking one of the natural disasters of our world, hurricanes. We can track them, and have a good idea of where its going, and how strong they ware, but have no way of controlling the storms strength, or even its direction. Other forces of nature, such as tornadoes and earthquakes, give less warning, if any, and are just as destructive, and much harder to plan for. So how do you help the people that are affected by any of these forces of nature?

Mobile Kitchens

The answer is simple. Mobile kitchens. Mobile kitchens are basically a rolling kitchen, that is either towed or driven to wherever the owner wants it to go. This gives you the ability to go anywhere you want, and are capable of going, and can cook food when you get there, in a kitchen environment. This means that you can go to the crowds, go to where the hungry people are, and serve them the food that they need. You are bringing everything you need, contained into a kitchen on wheels.

Incredible Food Made Easy

Many people believe that only simple food, such as fair food (corn dogs, funnel cakes, cotton candy, caramel coated apples, ect.) can be made from mobile kitchens. This is entirely untrue. The fact is that a mobile kitchen is just like the kitchen of a brick-and-mortar building (although it might be smaller) and if you can cook it in a traditional building, you can cook it in a mobile kitchen. This means that you can make literally anything you want. Have a recipe from a 5 star restaurant? You can serve it from your mobile kitchen. Attending a concert, and want to sell typical fair food? That's no problem either. The reason is that your in a mobile kitchen. Its a kitchen on wheels. While some mobile kitchens will not have as many cooking stations as a brick-and-mortar restaurant, you can make just as good food, because you have the same cooking equipment.

Mobility is Crucial

Location is extremely important. In the event of a natural disaster, if you have a brick-and-mortar building, it could be weeks before your able to open to serve food to the hungry masses, be it because of damage to the building, or even from lack of electricity. People may be unable to get to your building due to trees and power lines down in the road. This is why having a mobile kitchen is so important when it comes to natural disaster response. When natural disasters happen, many people are simply unable to cook, even though they stockpiled food. Your mobile kitchen is going to be where people are going to come, looking for a hot meal, that they do not have to cook. Its convenient, its hot, and its good. And because your kitchen is mobile, you can move your location as new areas open, or to a new town when another disaster happens. That's a lot more opportunities than any brick-and-mortar building can ever say.


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