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Momma Knows: Edy’s Fruit Bars

Updated on June 4, 2007

With hot summer days ahead, every parent needs to have a supply of Popsicles on hand. No disrespect to the original, but I'm pretty sure Edy's Fruit Bars have improved on this amazing summertime classic. These new ice pops are made with real fruit and juice. They have no added sugar, but are sweetened with Splenda instead. Fun new flavors like Kiwi and Black Cherry make life exciting. And at 30 calories a pop, Mom and Dad can indulge right along with the kids.

In 2006 Edy's Fruit Bars received the Best Taste Award from the American Culinary ChefsBest organization. The strong fruit flavor contributed to this win and I'd add that the texture is great too. Unlike a regular Popsicle, where you feel you are just sucking down sugar water, Edy's goes down like real food. Plus, it's got 20% of your daily allowance of Vitamin C in every bar. Five of these tasty snacks and you've got your daily C!

This may not be as important to some people, but I really appreciate the fact that Edy's Fruit Bars come on one stick. That makes them easier to eat for little hands and less warmed up juice sliding down small hands and arms! Not to mention less sticky sticks for Mom to hunt down post snacking.

Popsicle Snacking Tips

- Plan Ahead - Make sure you have plenty of the Popsicles of your choice on hand. Double duty your parenting by making sure kids offer frosty treats to all the neighborhood kids who are magically attracted by the power of the Popsicle.

- Trash Duty - Assign one lucky child to collect all the crinkly cellophane and used up sticks in a plastic grocery bag.

- Cure Brain Freeze - Teach kids to get rid of brain freeze by pressing the tip of the tongue against the roof of the mouth.

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  • profile image

    greer kingsley 6 years ago

    yuuuuummmy is there a place I can buy them by the case

  • profile image

    karls  6 years ago

    do a new favorite fruitbars this.summer or april on frutfull try them you never else again

  • profile image

    Betty Hemphill 7 years ago

    can I buy Edy's fruit pops in the los angeles area. what stores carry them

  • profile image

    Violet 7 years ago

    I would love to find a sugar-free substitute for Edy's Grape Real Fruit Bars. Edy's doesn't taste like you are just sucking on a grape-flavored icicle; it has texture that makes it sublime. I'd love to know how to recreate this without 20 grams of sugar in each popsicle... the pounds are adding up!!! :o)

  • profile image

    Karen Clark 8 years ago

    I love Edys Real Fruit Bars, I buy them all the time, this last ones I bought taste like wood from the stick.

  • profile image

    edy fruit grape fruit bars 8 years ago

    Very disappointed that the supermarket i shop at does not sell the grape fruit bars spoke to the supervisor the buyer not going to purchase the grape bars our family favors only plese help us.Thank You Sophia D.813-855-3499 OLDSMAR FLORIDA

  • sfod187 profile image

    sfod187 10 years ago from Tampa

    I remember living in a neighborhood as a child that had the "piragua" man. with all kinds of flavored ices. I always hoped he sprayed extra sweet syrup on mine for that extra rush of sugar.

  • Maddie Ruud profile image

    Maddie Ruud 10 years ago from Oakland, CA

    I remember well the popsicles we made in our freezer with those old-fashioned moulds... except we made them with regular juice from concentrate, so we always ended up sucking all the juice out of the popsicles and having this flavorless ice on a stick... which we dutifully ate... ;)

    We also drank powdered milk. Gah. I've become so spoiled.