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Movie Night Snacks

Updated on December 16, 2011

Vegan recipes that won't break your budget or you diet

Here are a few vegan style party foods and movie night snack ideas.


Simply pop pocorn and add real maple syrup and a dash of sea salt. It tastes great and kids love it!


Start with whole wheat bread. If the bread is stale, that is fine. Cut off the crusts and spread with organic pesto sause. Spinkle with a bit of New York cheddar. Top with a ring of spanish onions and bake for 4-5 minutes. Arrange the toasts on a tray and top with a spoonful of tomato sause. That's all!


Many companies these days sell organic veggie hot dog substitutes. They are really worth trying if cooked right. Grill two packages of veggie style meat free hot dogs in preferably grape seed oil. The grape seed oil cooks the dogs to perfection. In 3-4 minutes they are done. Slice them and place them on a tray with toothpicks. Serve them with fresh cucumber relish and cherry tomatoes.


Decore seven apples and slice into circles. I use the side of a cheese grater to slice the apples. Try not to slice them to thin. They should be able to hold a toothpick well. With toothpicks attach a fresh or frozen strawberry to each apple slice. Serve with whipped cream or cream substitute.

Here are a few more tips. If you are making snacks for a family movie night may I suggest this list of Retro Movies? You may want to play a short cartoon first.

Children - Secondhand Lions

Drama - Dances with Wolves

Comedy - Old School

Halloween Thriller - Night of the Living Dead

Christmas - Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carole

Chick Flick - Baby Boom


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