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Mr. Mom's Homemade Spaghetti Sauce With A Few Added Touches

Updated on June 21, 2012

Mr. Mom Decided to Teach Mom

Twenty years ago, I met this wonderful Italian man. We started a relationship, and soon we were a couple. Traditionally in his family, it was pasta on every Sunday. The type of pasta would change from week to week, but one constant was the sauce. My husband loved to cook. However, he felt I needed to learn how to make homemade spaghetti sauce. Don't get the wrong idea, I could cook, and many things homemade. However, one of those was not spaghetti sauce. Homemade spaghetti sauce...there's nothing like it! The days of Ragu and Prego were gone!

My husband retired when our son was two. While our son was growing up, this was his favorite meal. Johnny didn't refer to it as pasta, it was known as 'pastie'. In fact, John(Mr. Mom) loved to cook so much he had the habit of asking Johnny what he wanted to eat. This made for one spoiled little boy, who thought he had his very own restaurant at home. He had his daddy wrapped around his finger, and he usually got what he wanted...........and it was 'pastie' and many other favorite Italian foods!

Even though John showed me how to make his spaghetti sauce, I've since changed it to make it my own. The best part, when I cooked spaghetti sauce, was hearing him say mine was better than his. It was the ultimate accomplishment!

Simmering Spaghetti Sauce
Simmering Spaghetti Sauce | Source
Mr. Mom's Vinegar Peppers (Hot and Sweet Banana)
Mr. Mom's Vinegar Peppers (Hot and Sweet Banana) | Source

Mr. Mom's Spaghetti With Added Touches

1-15 ounce can of Hunts Tomato Sauce

2-6 ounce cans of Hunts Tomato Paste

3 tablespoons of vinegar peppers (John used hot vinegar peppers. I used sweet vinegar peppers.)

3 Tablespoons of juice from the vinegar peppers

1 Medium onion (Vidalia preferably)

12 to 14 slices of pepperoni (John always added pepperoni. I on the other hand made it optional)

Italian seasoning (my added touch)

Garlic powder


Pepper (I used to use black pepper, now I use white pepper.)

¼ to ½ cup of sugar (depends on how sweet you like your sauce.

In large pot, slice or chop the medium onion. Now add the vinegar peppers, and the juice from the peppers. Next, add in 1 cup of water and let simmer. If using pepperoni add, and let simmer with the other items (medium low heat-electric setting is usually 4 or 5). While this is simmering, I usually add in approximately 2 teaspoons of Italian seasoning. This mixture needs to simmer for approximately 20 minutes.

Now add the tomato paste, tomato sauce, and 3 to 4 cups of water. The amount of water depends on how thick you like your sauce. Next, add in salt, pepper, garlic powder, 2 teaspoons of Italian seasoning (add more if you prefer), and ¼ cup of sugar. Stir and taste. I usually taste to see if it needs more salt, Italian seasoning, garlic, or sugar. Add additional seasonings until you reach your desired taste. Once you accomplished your acquired taste, let sauce simmer for approximately one hour. Stir sauce frequently, so it will not stick to bottom of pot.

If you want a meat sauce, brown a pound of ground beef, and add to the sauce, while it is simmering.

One of my husband's favorite meals was to cook chicken legs in the sauce. The sauce cooks into the chicken, and gives it a delicious flavor!

I hope you enjoy as much as Johnny!


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  • proudmamma profile image

    proudmamma 5 years ago

    Thank you taking the time to comment on my hub.... My husband was a very special man who loved his family.. This is a recipe which will be passed down through both of my sons. Thank you again and God Bless.

  • Lastheart profile image

    Maria Magdalena Ruiz O'Farrill 5 years ago from Borikén the great land of the valiant and noble Lord

    I am proud of proudmamma and I will follow your spaghetti sauce instructions. This hub remind me good memories of an Italian family that took care of me when I was a child...long time ago. Thanks and blessings for sharing.

  • proudmamma profile image

    proudmamma 5 years ago

    Hope you enjoy!

  • Virtual Treasures profile image

    Kacie Turner 5 years ago from Michigan

    This looks awesome! I'm going to try it and see if I can impress my Italian father-in-law!

  • proudmamma profile image

    proudmamma 5 years ago late husband loved to cook. I miss him so much. My oldest son makes sauce which tastes the most like his did. This is what my youngest son loved.... his dad's sauce. He promised to make his little brother some this week. Thanks for taking time to read and comment.

  • unknown spy profile image

    IAmForbidden 5 years ago from Neverland - where children never grow up.

    Excellent! Voted up and shared!

  • proudmamma profile image

    proudmamma 5 years ago

    I'm glad you found it interesting enough to try. It is still truly a family favorite. Hope you enjoy. Let me know how it turns out!

  • skye2day profile image

    skye2day 5 years ago from Rocky Mountains

    proudmamma my ragu has hit rock bottom around here. I am moving on. This is easy, my kind of cooking girl!! Pepperoni wow I like that, bannana peppers yeah sounds yummy. Chicken legs? Very intersting! Thats Italian, love it. Thank you for sharing this fab recipe. I will keep you posted on reviews. tee hee. (-;

    hugs to you.

  • proudmamma profile image

    proudmamma 6 years ago

    I'm glad it got your attention enough to try it! Hope you enjoy! Thanks for taking time to read my hub and comment! Have a great day!

  • DanaTeresa profile image

    Dana Strang 6 years ago from Ohio

    WOW! These are some amazing touches that I never would have tried. I cannot believe I have never added chicken to my sauce, considering I have added every other kind of meat. Like you, I think I will skip the pepperoni. I can't wait to try this!