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Mushroom and Tomato Tart with Crisp Bacon

Updated on September 23, 2012
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Mushroom and Tomato Tart with Crisp Bacon

Mushroom and Tomato Tart with Crisp Bacon

This delicious brunch dish is quick to prepare with a ready-made pastry
case. If you like, sprinkle a little grated cheese over the top of the
tart before cooking. Any left over is good served cold.



20cm/8 Inch cooked plain pastry case
6 cherry tomatoes
4 chestnut mushrooms
2 medium eggs
1 generous tsp wholegraln mustard
150g/5 1/2 oz soft cheese such as quark or rlcotta
Freshly milled salt and black pepper
8 bacon rashers

1. Preheat the oven to 190.C, Fan 175.C, Gas 5.
2. Put the pastry case (still in its foil tray) on a baking sheet.
3. Halve the cherry tomatoes and quarter the mushrooms.
lightly beat the eggs, add the mustard and cheese and,
with a whisk, beat well until smooth and thick. Season
lightly with salt and pepper.
4. Scatter the tomatoes and mushrooms in the pastry case
and spoon the egg mixture evenly over the top.
5. Put into the hot oven and cook for 10 minutes.
6. Meanwhile, lay the bacon on another baking sheet or
roasting tin, with the rashers slightly overlapping and the
fat edges up. .
7. Put the bacon into the hot oven with the tart and continue
cooking for a further 20 minutes until the egg mixture is set
and golden brown and the bacon is cooked.
8. Finally, serve the tart cut into wedges and topped with the crisp

Enjoy :-)


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