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Great Gifts For Chocolate Lovers

Updated on December 18, 2009

A Sensual Treat

If you have ever known a chocolate connoisseur then you know that great gifts for chocolate lovers can be hard to come by. A box of Hershey's brand chocolates simply won't do, and Dove only sates small problems and mildly difficult days. To salve your chocolate lover's cravings first you must understand the obsession, then go only for the best chocolate gifts you can afford.

Chocolate is the end product of a process that all starts with a tiny little cacao bean. This bean has a strong flavor of its own, that when combined with milk and sugar creates an irresistible treat. Keep in mind that the higher the percentage of cacao in the chocolate the stronger and more bitter the chocolate will be. Look for dark, milk, and white chocolate varieties.

Chocolate is also thought to have antioxidant properties and to release endorphins (feel good hormones). This comes from the cacao bean, so the higher the percentage of cacao, the greater the benefits. Next time you sit down with a bar of your favorite dark chocolate, don't worry about feeling guilty, you're actually doing your body a favor!

If it isn't obvious to you already, I'm a pretty big chocolate fan myself. I love good quality chocolates and only grudgingly share them with my husband, if he happens to find them. Chances are, you yourself love chocolate, or at least you nkow someone who does. If you are in need of a good gift, for a friends or just for yourself, here are some of my favorite chocolate related goodies on the market.


There is a reason why the word "God" is hidden in the name of this chocolate, and that is because it has been sent straight from heaven. The classic high quality chocolate, Godiva is the only way to go if you are giving a box of chocolates to someone you love, (love yourself too!). You'll find everything in this assorted box, from white chocolate raspberry ganache to a simple square of 70% cacao chocolate. These chocolates are of such a high quality that I find two or three to be satisfying in one sitting, versus higher quantities of cheaper chocolates. This also means that a box lasts quite a while, which is great for the recipient!

Chocolate Fondue Fountain

If you've never had chocolate fondue then you are missing out on a sinfully delightful treat. Chopped up strawberries, bananas, and angel food cake are dipped in semi-sweet melted chocolate, and the result is electrifying. My poor college friends and myself just stood around the stove to eat our fondue, but you can do it much more stylishly with a fondue fountain! This makes a great conversation and center piece that people will gather around to feast on.

Automatic Frothy Hot Cocoa

As a kid I always just drank my Swiss Miss cocoa out of a mug mixed with hot water. Then, one fateful day, I tried cocoa made in one of these cocoa makers, and my fate was sealed. The machine heats the cocoa to a perfect temperature, then shuts off. It also makes the cocoa light and frothy, so it has great body and character. You an use any regular powdered cocoa mix, or try powdered coffee for an equally delightful treat!

Good Cocoa

Of course, if you are going to have a cocoa machine you need great hot cocoa to go in it. Godiva not only makes regular chocolates, but also hot drink mixes as well. Try this is your hot cocoa machine and you will be in instant bliss.


Thank goodness for chocolate, for me at least it's a great alternative to a bottle of wine, and it really helps me let go of stress at the end of the day. Do you have a favorite chocolate or related gadget I haven't yet discovered? Please share it with us below!


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