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Mustard: Versatile Condiment and Recipe Ingredient

Updated on September 3, 2007

Mustard has been enjoyed throughout the world for thousands of years. It is one of my favorite condiments. Sandwiches and burgers really need mustard to be complete! I also like to cook with mustard. I have several favorite recipes that call for ground mustard seed, and many that utilize prepared mustard.

I remember when there were pretty much two kinds of mustard: plain yellow mustard and Grey Poupon. When you go to the supermarket now, there are a ton of different varieties of mustard. We usually keep several types of mustard on hand in my house all the time. My favorite is still Grey Poupon. My husband loves plain yellow mustard for deli meat sandwiches, and Jalapeno flavored mustard on burgers and hot dogs. We keep these three types in the fridge most of the time, and occasionally pick up other varieties that look interesting.

Cooking With Mustard

Mustard is actually a secret ingredient in many recipes. I consider a secret ingredient to be one that you don't really realize is there, but it makes a huge impact on the taste of the prepared dish. For example, my homemade Sloppy Joe recipe calls for mustard seed, and it really makes a difference in the flavor.

One of my friends makes the best baked beans in the world. Since she grew up in Boston, I thought she probably knew a super secret "Boston Baked Beans" recipe that a southerner like me would never be able to understand. Her secret ingredients? Allspice and prepared mustard. These are the last two items that I would have ever thought adding to baked beans, but, wow, do they make a difference!

Fun Facts About Mustard:

There is a mustard museum located in Mount Horeb, Wisconsin. In addition to exhibiting thousands of bottles and tubes of mustard made throughout the United States, the museum is also home to the "Mustard Piece Theatre" and the "PouponU" College of Mustard.

Try the free recipes from the museum's most recent Mustard Cook-Off, held in celebration of National Mustard Day.


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