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My 3 Favorite Go-To Restaurants In Miami Beach, FL

Updated on June 30, 2017

As an UberEats courier I'm constantly on the move from restaurants to offices or apartment buildings. After riding tirelessly on my bike I have made it a habit of going to different restaurants in the area that serve a filling meal in nearly 5 minutes or less. Throughout the course of three or four months of doing this I have been able to narrow down my personal top three restaurants at which I enjoy dining.

Chicken Kitchen

Chicken Kitchen is special because they actually grill the chicken meat in front of you so there's no doubt if it's fake. They have a saying called Chickentology which basically breaks down their beliefs on how a chicken should be raised. Also they have a wide variety of options on their menu. Personally I always get the Chicken Teriyaki which consists of yellow rice and chicken covered in teriyaki sauce. The vibe within the restaurant is warm as there are usually a lot of people there and you tend to see a lot of familiar customers.

Chicken Teriyaki

Halves and Wholes

Recently the restaurant that claims to be a bad place for people on a diet changed their menu options. To be honest that was difficult for me because I really enjoyed their cuban sandwich. Despite that they serve excellent subs and have great service. They waitresses and even the chefs tend to build a bond with their customers in an organic way. Last night I tried the chicken parm sandwich and it was to die for. If I'm going to take a break from doing UberEats I always enjoy going to Halves & Wholes.

Critics Not Welcome

Hank and Henry's Delicatessen

This New York style deli serves a variety of plates such as Knish, hot dogs, black and white cookies, breakfast and so much more. The decor isn't superb, but the food always hits home. Also the manager always calls me by my first name and is very nice. The other employees also are very professional and considerate whether I stop by to eat or to pick up a delivery. In general I always feel welcomed and know I'm going to eat something delicious.


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