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My Secret Maggie recipe

Updated on June 12, 2012



My Secret Recipe of Maggie noodles

Well from long time I was thinking to share my secret recipe of Maggie with all bachelors and married bachelor.I learnt it from my old friend Vikash.

You all must have made Maggie, but here is a recipe which may not takes 2 minutes as it says, but it will be more tasty and spicy.Specially I noticed kids likes it very much!

Here I go!

Ingredients:For 2 persons

  1. Maggie noodles double pack
  2. Peas
  3. beans
  4. carrot
  5. onions
  6. tomato
  7. capsicum
  8. Other veg as per choice
  9. potato


First cut the onions,tomato,potato,capsicum,carrot,peas in small pieces.keep it aside.Now heat oil in a pan and pour onions,potatoes,capsicum.heat it for 10 mins.

After 5 mins add potato and carrots and heat it again for 5 mins.Now cut the masala (given with maggie pack) and keep it in small bowl and add half water in it. make a paster.

once onions and peas and others are cooked, add masala to it heat it for 5 mins, wait till the masala mixed with other components.Now add 1 cup of water and add masala noodles to it.cook for 5-10 mins till noodles are cooked.

This recipe will make noodles more tasty as compare to cooking only with hot water.Use this recipe ofor kids and I am sure they will love it.Please do send me your feedback.


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    • maxravi profile image

      Ravi Singh 5 years ago from India

      Thanks Scentella, I hope you have enjoyed the recipe.

    • profile image

      Scentella 5 years ago

      Oh i cooked i same way and it was really vry tasty n yummmmy....!

    • maxravi profile image

      Ravi Singh 6 years ago from India

      @Pegcole17 Thanks for your comment.. yes just try this recipe, you will love the tast.whenever I cook kids love it!

    • PegCole17 profile image

      Peg Cole 6 years ago from Dallas, Texas

      I like the way you've spiced up the basic noodles with an addition of chopped veggies. Sounds delicious.