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My Subway Sandwich Obsession

Updated on November 28, 2016

What do you eat when you forget to pack a lunch? McDonald's is not my thing, and I want to go somewhere with better ingredients. Subway has been one of my favorite spots for noonday breaks over the last ten years because it is affordable, healthy, fresh, and the food is made to my specifications. I am not much of a McDonald's or Burger King fan, so I enjoy getting a Subway sandwich when I forget to take my lunch. Also, as of late Subway has some great meal deals that are affordable for the entire family. So if you enjoy sandwiches, maybe it is time for you to give Subway a try. Personally, I enjoy going to a fast food restaurant where I can have lots of veggies on my sandwich, which is not a perk than many of the other fast food joints offer. Subway allows the customer to decide on what goes on the sandwich, and every sandwich can even be turned into a salad. What is not to love about Subway?

Healthy And Appetizing Breakfast Options

I have never ate breakfast at Subway, but one day I stopped by to get a bottle of water, and I noticed it was a pretty popular spot for breakfast. The breakfast sandwich looked yummy and fresh, and the breakfast meal deals were very affordable. Not sure I will start eating breakfast at Subway anytime soon, but in a pinch it looks much more appetizing than the fare overed offered by the local burger joints. Yes I know there are healthy options at those locations, but Subway just happens to jive more with my personal tastes.

Lunch: My Favorite Meal Of The Day

Lunch is my favorite meal of the day, and having to get up early for work on Saturday mornings means I often go to Subway for lunch. The five dollar footllong is very affordable, and with the meal deal it includes your choice of a drink, chips, soup, cookie, or fruit, which brings the total to just a bit above seven dollars with tax. This is a very good deal, and even enough food to split with a friend if you have a smaller appetite. Since I am not much of a dinner or late meal person, I love to get a foot long sandwich to eat for lunch. Also by that time I have been moving around quite a bit, so eating a hardy lunch helps to give me energy for the afternoon.

My favorite sandwich is the wholewheat veggie patty with ranch avocado, all the veggies, pepperchenis, and a little bit of oil and vingear. This is my favorite go to sandwich, and I appreciate how it can be made on the spot according to your specifications. Subway is my favorite lunch spot as you can see, but sometimes I wish it were not as narrow. When crowded I start to feel a little claustrophobic in line there.

Great Dinner Deals

Subway continually has great dinner deals, which is great when you do not want to slave over the stove after work.  Subway also offers online ordering for some locations, which is a feature I hope comes to our local Subways very soon.  I do not eat out every day and it is too expensive to do so, but Subway is a great alternative to many of the other fast food joints out there.  As you can see, I have a very big Subway obsession. 

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    • SweetiePie profile image

      SweetiePie 7 months ago from Southern California, USA

      It has been a long time since I wrote this, but Subway is relatively healthy compared to eating at McDonald's. By the way, not all products with added sugar are the problem, I am more worried about meat heavy and low carb diets that are promoted these days. I have gone vegan since writing this a few years back, and has Dr. Barnard pointed out soda is not something we should drink every day, but now with more sugar-free soft drinks on the market obesity has continued to go up. So I would say all processed foods, but the animal product ones are far worse. I am not advocating people go out and eat a pound of sugar, and I hope people can use a bit of common sense and discernment. So if someone has to eat out, I still say Subway is a better option than a lot of the fast food places out there. You could even get a salad if their bread is not to your liking. I am not worried about a tiny bit of sugar in bread these days, I am more concerned with finding vegan options. Maybe on my blog I will one day write a post about how to veganize Subway.

    • profile image

      Robert 7 months ago

      Love Subway too! But healthy?! The bread and also ingrediens are full of added sugar.