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NAVAN Natural Vanilla Liqueur from Grand Marnier

Updated on December 23, 2008

I have long been a fan of Grand Marnier, and was thrilled when a bottle of NAVAN Natural Vanilla Liqueur arrived on my doorstep during the holiday season. If you enjoy the flavor of rich, natural vanilla and you're a fan of liqueur-based drinks, you're sure to join the ranks of the fans of this relatively new introduction to the market.

What is NAVAN Natural Vanilla Liqueur

Grand Marnier first introduced NAVAN Natural Vanilla Liqueur to the marketplace in 2004, making it a newborn in the company's storied 125 year tradition of crafting sophisticated liqueurs appreciated by connoisseurs the world over. NAVAN Natural Vanilla Liqueur is very different from traditional Grand Marnier, but is certainly equally delicious in its own unique way.

The name, NAVAN, stands for natural vanilla, which is the flavoring agent that makes this smoothly elegant cognac drink so unique and delicious. An unusual and perfect combination of the finest aged French cognac and carefully chosen natural vanilla from Madagascar makes this liqueur truly unique. NAVAN Natural Vanilla Liqueur is a perfectly delicious adult beverage served alone over the rocks or neat. It can also be used to make such delightful cocktail concoctions as smooth and delicious vanilla martinis, vanilla mojitos, vanilla margaritas, and many other tempting cocktails.

What to Expect When You Try NAVAN

All in all, drinking NAVAN Natural Vanilla Liqueur is a sensory treat for your eyes, nose, and taste buds. NAVAN Natural Vanilla Liqueur has a full bodied texture. When you first taste it, you're likely to be reminded of the flavor of high quality vanilla ice cream laced with honey. There are also mild undercurrents of fruit flavors, including tastes of apricot, fig, and candied orange peel. You can smell the vanilla bean in the liquid, and it also carries a slight scent of honey and butterscotch. In appearance, the beverage is clear, with subtle hues of ochre and amber.

If you're ready to try NAVAN Natural Vanilla Liqueur for yourself, it's available at the best wine and spirits retailers, night clubs, and fine dining establishments throughout the U.S. For ideas on how to make the delicious vanilla martini pictured here, and a variety of additional cocktail creations featuring NAVAN Natural Vanilla Liqueur, see this news release from Grand Marnier. So far, I have tried only the vanilla martini and a smile straight shot of the clear liquid. Both were delicious, and I'm looking forward to making more of these great recipes with the rest of my bottle.


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  • tom_caton profile image

    Tom Caton 7 years ago from The Desk

    haha! I live in a town called Navan in Ireland, it's an utter dump.

    One of the local pubs stocks NAVAN liqueur and has it on special offer,

    considering what a craphole Navan town is, you may imagine that when offered a shot of NAVAN liqueur, i was expecting something foul and rotten.

    considering that you may be able to imagine my surprise when I tasted it, wonderful stuff!

    good hub!