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NUTRiBULLET Raw Food Nutrient Extraction Kitchen Appliance Product Review

Updated on November 2, 2017
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A Raw Food Smoothie Maker

The NUTRiBULLET is a registered trademark product manufactured by Homeland Housewares LLC, made in China. This is a small blender styled looking kitchen appliance that takes whole, natural raw foods and turns them into nutritional smoothie drinks in a matter of minutes. This machine is really something when it comes to making very smooth smoothies.

I want to say that I did not go out and buy one of these appliances but rather, it came to me. A friend purchased this appliance as a gift for someone who did not want it. My friend had no intentions of using it either. She was going to send it back as she had purchased it after seeing a late night commercial on the television.

Knowing that I often made smoothies my friend told me I could have it if I wanted it rather than going to the trouble of shipping it back to the company for a refund. I took one look at the box and said I would take it off her hands. That night I opened the box and found the user guide and recipe book enclosed. I spent the rest of the evening reading about this product and looking over the recipes. The next morning I was very eager to put this appliance to work for me.

Raw, Healthy and Green Goes Smooth

I have made many smoothies over the past five or six years. I have a hand held blender that pushes down into a container that I have been using all these years. It works pretty good too. The thing is it is showing signs of wear and actually has a crack in the casing surrounding the blades so that was my reasoning to welcoming the NUTiBULLET with open arms. I figure my hand held appliance is going to give way one day and I will be in need of a replacement.

The user guide I had carefully read the night before stated that this appliance not only extracted the nutrients to the max but that it had enough power in the design of the machine to break down tiny seeds in order to get the maximum health benefit from the foods used to make the smoothies. I know my hand held blender could not do that.


NUTRiBULLET Has Powerful Extraction Design

When I put the tiny sesame seeds into the fruit and vegetables selected for my first smoothie I was quite sure that most of them would still be whole when I started to drink the concoction. I am here to tell you I was very wrong about that. This appliance made the smoothest smoothie I have ever had the pleasure to pass across my lips.

I have since tried a wide variety of raw foods in this appliance and always with the same smooth results. In fact I am now addicted to drinking one or two NUTRiBULLET Smoothies each day. The results are amazing and that is just talking about the performance of the appliance. I have not found a single raw food that does not blend to perfection.

Negatives About The NUTRiBULLET

I made sure to go Online and do a bit of research about this appliance before dismantling the packaging. I did not want to take the manufacturers word for it. All the reviews I read were mostly positive. The one thing I did read was that the appliance leaked. Now that is not a good thing. It is especially bad too since the design of the appliance requires that you fill the container as directed, place the top fitted with blades and then turn it upside down to put it on the base holding the motor. Stands to reason that if it is going to leak and it is upside down there is going to be a mess.

My own experience has proven that yes it will leak. It happened to me just one time after I had been using it for about two or three weeks. I want to take the blame for the leak. You see there is a specifically marked line on the mixing containers. It is marked MAX FILL and that is the trick to having No Leaks. Do not overfill the container. Follow the directions.

The leak I had was minimal. I removed some of the raw food from the container, replaced the mixing blades and finished the extraction. It was all good, no leaks and I have not had a problem since. The only other negative for me is that the appliance is quite loud. I mean it is really loud when you use it. The good thing is that you are only running it for about sixty seconds. That is a very loud sixty seconds, but then I do admit I hate the sound of machines. I really do, so maybe I am overly sensitive, but I think not. This appliance is loud.

I am going to say this is really an awesome machine, unfortunately made in China when we need manufacturing jobs here in the USA. That is my biggest complaint but not a fault with the product itself.

Everything considered, I would give this appliance a round of applause and do recommend it to anyone looking for a juicer, smoothie machine or raw food extractor. Thumbs up in my opinion.

Easy to Use and Fast Clean Up

This appliance is very easy to use. Just follow the directions, and do not over fill. Clean up is very quick and you too can have homemade smoothies in a matter of minutes with little waste of food and very quick clean up.

Unlike other juicers on the market, you get all of the fiber, no peeling necessary and leave the seeds too. The user guide does tell you which foods should not be used such as apple seeds which are toxic.

Blending beneficial green leafy vegetables with fruits and other vegetables is the best way to make the most nutritional smoothies. Using a NUTRiBULLET to do the job will get the most benefits out of your food. I am going to say this is really an awesome machine.



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