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Wholesome Life, - Wholesome World- If YOU want it

Updated on January 29, 2013

Are we progressing?

As we 'progress! 'through this millenium,with amazing unprecidented technologies and speed(I think ),and space missions speed to other planets,mobile phones that can almost think for us .Texting,e-mails,satellite tv ,virtual killing computer games etc etc many questions have to be asked-at what price?

We all know how easy it is to rush a text message to our spouse / loved one ,or work collegue,and then realising we missed a crucial word out or we didn't mean for it to be read/interpreted the way it was' Only unfortunately the person receiving it had already made their opinion,or minds up what they think we meant,only then for us to have to spend the next half hour/hour re-texting or telephoning to apologise and trying to explain what we really meant to say,before we get a law suit or our loved one runs off. We all know this is how big fall outs often can and do start ,(even wars ).-when in fact very sadly it was no ones real fault

Would Charles Darwin, Albert Einstein and even Shakespeare and all our great poets turn in their graves if they new whats going on in OUR modern world?

.People in general are more knowledgeable about OUR planet/ universe than ever before.Yet it is also unprecidented in our human history how generally we are all being distracted away from our basic real human essential trait of the real ability to communicate with each other on a basic moral and realistic human levels .High tech. communication is ok-to a point,but at what cost is that having on our daily lives and our daily stresses and strains? Why are we allowing these things to almost take over our lives? At what cost will it be for our future and our young generation's future ? Yes high tech communication systems give us speed, in the short term,maybe but not always in the long term .

Our Governments can sit at a desk push a button and send a drone on its thousand mile killing mission,crossing their fingers hoping it gets the right target,if not -''well its only collateral damage'' .-''So a whole family was wiped out'',''we are sorry about that-''we will get it right next time''--''thats war''- maybe -maybe not.- So a whole family exterminated on the other side of the earth by a man sitting at a desk pressing a button an exercise costing US billions killing the wrong all sounds very familiar to these computer killing games our children play now.

Yet another question arises-are we us human beings, possibly on the brink of devovling, and not evolving as a species? If the animal kingdom could speak what would they say? What are they in fact saying or trying to say to us?

As divorce rate rises each year,and more and more familes break up, and more and more elderly people are shunted off into 'old peoples homes',and 'plonked' drugged up in front of a tv screen day after day,are we creating a fragmented society and ignoring essential basics and understandings of what it is to be truly human ,living a truly human wholesome happy life?

As more and more people frantically try to keep their heads above water providing for their families,more stress and disease is inevitable. Fear and insecurity is at an all time high,including amongst OUR Governments and OUR leaders (where indeed they know very well they are losing. control). -Is it solely up to us now? How can we re -discover and re-empower our(true)selves, re-establish our REAL values and worth on this fragile living planet?

Are we creating a viscious circle?How can we get out of this dyre trap? Earning more and more money each year to pay for ever rising bills is all one big never ending escalating treadmill.How can we get off-safely?,and land on safe land? Do we want to get off this treadmill of stress? -- Yes there is a co-relation to having enough money to survive and health / wellbeing ---to a point, So where do we draw the line and say that's far enough,its time to 'seize the day' ,take courage and jump off the treadmill?,re-focus on establishing real human bonds again and care for our senior citizens, whilst ensuriing the young generation grow up feeling secure in the knowledge and desire to keep hold of these good human basic qualities,of good morals ,and values,no matter what happens financially in their lives

.Money can be the root to some evil, but its NOT root of all evil. As we need oil to lubricate working parts of an engine,so we need money to help our lives flow 'in a comfort zone',but it goes without saying money is only a small part of the big equation. A crucial part of the equation surely is to live a reasonably healthy and wholesome life,the best we possibly can. We need the added ingredients of human bonding ,good food,,happy relationships, and creativity.Money does not and cannot necesserly bring this.

They say money doesn't grow on trees,but trees are more valueable to us and our environment than anything money can really buy,they are an important and crucial part of ' the equation' . In fact so important OUR lives depend on them.They are part or should be a treasured respected part of our healthy living communitie/s. and yet as I write and we breath the oxygen they selflessly give out,the mass destruction of our crucial forests carries on the world over.

For those who decide to re-empower themselves 'bite the bullet',and go back to nurturing the land,a new dawn a NEW horizon may show its shining happy face,with refreshing realisation ,that all is not lost and everything is there before them to 'steward' and nurture.

Modern world

Do you think people are suffering more stress than ever -NOW?

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    • WiccanSage profile image

      Mackenzie Sage Wright 

      5 years ago

      Really interesting hub. I think we suffer just as much stress as always, but different kinds. I think in some ways we are much safer and have much better quality of life than our ancestors did even 100 years ago... but at the same time we've put so many more pressures on ourselves and created so many more problems. This is very thought provoking.


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