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Nature Bags: Socially Responsible Reusable Shopping Bags

Updated on January 29, 2010

Are you looking for a quality reusable shopping bag? When you select a Nature Bag, you are choosing a unique product that will do much more than just help you reduce the consumption and production of disposable bags. These unique bags are handmade by the Khmu people of Laos – one of the poorest areas in the world -- as part of a regional poverty reduction project.

About Nature Bags
Nature Bags are a perfect choice for grocery shopping and other household needs. They are easy to store because they do not take up much space. However, because they are expandable and strong, they can hold many items, including those that are bulky or heavy.

Nature Bags are made using cords that are created from an organic tropical Kudzu called JungleVine™ that grows wild in Laos. This perennial vine that grows very quickly, making it a truly renewable resource. It's also the perfect material to create reusable shopping bags because it does not weigh much but is incredibly strong. It is also resistant to mold.

JungleVine™ cords are used to create the bags, resulting in a mesh container that allows air to flow freely into and out of the bags. The fabric is also stretchy, allowing the walls of the bags adjust themselves around the shapes of stored items, offering additional protection for your goods while they are being transported.

Nature Bags are also an attractive choice. The bags have a shiny appearance and are available in several earth tone shades. Because the bags are handmade rather than being manufactured using mass-production techniques, no two Nature Bags are identical.

About the Nature Bags Poverty Reduction Project

Under the guidance of Laotian student Bonsou Keoamphone and with start-up funding assistance from an American philanthropist, this unique poverty reduction project is a way of enabling the Khumu people to advance economically and technology, while still utilizing their primitive ways.

The Khumu people have made these types bags for centuries, and are now able to use their skills to reach out to the modern world and reduce poverty in their region by making Nature Bags available for sale. Consumers around the world now have an opportunity to benefit from the quality of the work and craftsmanship of the Khumu people and to provide poverty reduction assistance to an area that so badly needs it.

For More Information
For more information about Nature Bags, see You'll find information about the the Khumu people, the bags, the poverty reduction project, details about ordering, locations of retailers that carry the product line, and more.


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