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Nespresso's Dead George Clooney Ad Under Fire

Updated on January 23, 2010

Nespresso proudly features a dead George Clooney as their spokesman to front their single-serve espresso machines. Previous Nespresso ad campaigns used humor to highlight the connection between Nespresso coffee and George Clooney. But recently, Nespresso ads have disturbed the still waters in coffee-land by firing up a dispute with their coffee competitor, Lavazza.

In past Nespresso ads, beautiful coffee drinkers have used charm to steal Clooney's Nespresso cups and Clooney has also mistaken praise of Nespresso coffee for praise of himself. The latest Nespresso ad illustrates Clooney getting sent to heaven by a falling piano. In heaven, a white-donning John Malkovich greets him with beautiful angels. And naturally the two men barter life for a Nespresso coffee machine. Lavazza, Nespresso's corporate coffee competitor, seemed to sour at sight of this ad campaign. They stated that the heaven theme was clearly stolen from their campaign. In jest, Nespresso retorted that criticism by saying, “The after-life is not particularly linked to just one brand.” What's your opinion on this heavenly coffee dispute?

If a campaign row isn't your cuppa, you can sample coffees from the other leading coffee brewer, like Keurig coffee brewers. Keurig brewers not only offer espresso blends like Nespresso, but Keurig brewers also offer a diverse range of Fair-trade blends and single-origin coffee. Keurig brewers support a range of popular roasts and blends like French roast, Espresso roast, Sumatran blends, Kenyan blends, and Costa Rican blends. says this about the star Espresso blend for Keurig K-Cups: "The aromatics in nose and cup are pleasingly buttery and round with a crisp roasty edge and hints of caramel and chocolate."  Have you ever sampled coffees from Keurig brewers? How does it compare to the other brands? Share your thoughts below!

Keurig or Clooney

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    • Suelynn profile image

      Suelynn 5 years ago from Manitoba, Canada

      Absolutely LOVE these George Clooney ads... I've never seen them before! :)))))))))) Made my day... thank you.