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Nettle Leaf Tea And Its Health Benefits

Updated on January 15, 2010

There are several plants and flowers that can be safely used to make a lovely refreshing drink and another one that I have discovered is called nettle leaf tea.

The Latin name is Urtica dioica but it is commonly known as stinging nettles and I have a distinct memory of walking through a very grassy patch of land. Actually it was my parent’s overgrown garden. I felt something brush against my leg followed by a stinging sensation.

The cure for a sting from stinging nettles was to grab a dock leaf, which always seemed to grow in the same vicinity, and wipe it over the affected area. I don’t know if it was just an old wives tale or if the dock leaf did have healing powers but I did feel better afterwards. Hmm, isn’t it strange the things you remember from your childhood.

Anyway here are some other facts about the properties of stinging nettles, nettle leaf tea and its uses.

Where Does It Grow?

The stinging nettle grows in many countries and can be found combined with other wild weeds in any disused areas, like an overgrown and neglected back garden, or along alleyways and next to train tracks.

Nettle leaf tea can help with weight loss
Nettle leaf tea can help with weight loss

What Does It Look Like?

It can grow quite tall and has leaves with very fine looking spikes. The leaf and stem have a downy feel to it. The spiky parts contain the stinging venom. Once your skin makes contact the feeling is the equivalent to being stung by a bee. After a few moments you will notice the skin start to swell and it is like having a very itchy rash. As mentioned before, if you have a dock leaf handy, place it on the skin (if you believe in old wives tales). If not, then wash this skin and apply some antiseptic lotion.

How Can It Be Safe To Drink?

Once the nettle leaves are collected (carefully), and processed by soaking them in water, it is completely safe to drink. Simply take some boiling water from your stainless steel kettle and serve with a slice of lemon, some sugar or honey. It is also used in a lot of cooking and the taste is similar to spinach.

Stinging nettles can make a refreshing cup of tea
Stinging nettles can make a refreshing cup of tea

What Are The Health Benefits?

Nettles can be a very good source of iron, calcium and folic acid. Extracts have been used to take care of common ailments like soothing sore throats and hay fever. It has also been used to treat aarthritis, anemia and kidney problems.

Nettle Tea As A Aid To Weight Loss

Drinking a cup of tea in the morning helps the digestion system. It also increases the metabolism, which is what the body needs to do to burn off excess fat.

Where Can You Buy Nettle Tea?

Nettle tea and its associated products can be found in any good herbalist or organic store or you can simply purchase it for a very good price online.

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  • Tiptopcat profile image

    Victoria Virgo 7 years ago from London, UK

    That sounds like a lovely idea.

  • profile image

    Beyhan Perry 7 years ago

    with nettle tea can i add honey and lemon to drink