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Nigerian dishes.

Updated on September 5, 2017

Why people find cooking difficult

Cooking is fun, believe me. This present age, we find out that a lot of people have different methods which they use in preparing a particular dish. For example, different people adapt to different methods of cooking afang soup, a popular Nigerian soup emanating from the efik tribe in the south south region of Nigeria.

"What you don't know, that you don't know, you don't know it. "

— From: anonymous.

Learning how to make simple Nigerian dishes.

Nigerian meals are straight forward and easy to understand. The meals taste great with or without a complete ingredient, we'll learn how that works later.

But I shall be sharing with you, a simple Nigerian soup called edikang ikong soup otherwise known as vegetable soup. We are all aware of the importance of vegetables in our bodies. One of the importance is the nourishment of tissues in the body, ever heard of "eating plenty vegetables when you sustain an injury? ". It works!!! Helping to heal the wound in a snap.

Okay, let's get back to work.

Edikang ikong soup, (vegetable soup) is a tasty soup also made my the efik tribe in calabar. The calabar people are know for their various cultural diversities, an example is the Calabar carnival, which comes yearly, and it is attended by various people all over the world.

I'll be listing the ingredients used in preparing the soup:


1.washed and sliced pumpkin leaves. Spinach can be used too.

2. Washed and sliced water leaves.

3. Cooked chicken or beef.

4. 3cooking spoons of palm oil

5. Grounded crayfish, pepper.

6. Half teaspoon of Salt and seasoning cubes about 3.

7. Fish. Any of your choice. Either dried or fresh. If fresh, make sure you cook it and retain the stock.

Let's begin!!!!

"Cooking is an art, just like makeup.

It is simple to do, but a little mistake can mess it up"

— Pearl Angela


1. Get a clean cooking pot.

2. Add your washed and sliced water leaves to the pot and set it over a medium heat to boil.

3. Allow to cook for 15minutes, then add 2spoons of palm oil and your grounded crayfish and allow to cook for 5min.

4. Add the stock of your cooked fish, if it was fresh, if not, add the stock of your cooked chicken.

5. Allow to boil for 10min. Add your salt, seasoning cubes and pepper to taste.

6. You can add your dried fish here if you didn't use fresh ones.

7. Add your washed and sliced pumpkin or spinach leaves and stir to mix everything up.

8. You can now add your fresh fish if you are not making use of the dried ones. Cover the pot and allow to cook for 5mins.

9. The soup is ready. You can serve it with pounded yam, eba or fufu.

Remember ,

You are what you eat!!!!

© 2017 Pearl Angela


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    • profile image

      Sydney Chiosa 

      16 months ago

      Wao, I find this very interesting,

      I love this post.

      Thanks for this write up.

    • profile imageAUTHOR

      Pearl Angela 

      16 months ago from Abuja

      Kindly comment if you found this helpful, thank you


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