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No-Bake Strawberry Silk Shortbread Pie

Updated on February 9, 2011

 No-Bake Strawberry Silk Pie is an easy and delicious dessert that's great for when you don't have time to spend all day in the kitchen but still want something homemade to satisfy your sweet tooth. The sweet-tart flavor of the strawberries is mellowed out by the sugar and cream, making a sumptious, scrumptious pie that is likely to become a new family favorite. Be sure to check out the end of the recipes for strawberry silk variations and ideas!

Strawberry Silk Pie

For a variation on the strawberry silk shortbread pie, use a chocolate crust and drizzle the pie with chocolate.
For a variation on the strawberry silk shortbread pie, use a chocolate crust and drizzle the pie with chocolate.


1 ready-made Pillsbury shortbread pie crust

4 cups strawberries, sliced and with stems removed

¾ cup heavy cream

2 eggs

2/3 cup sugar


1 ½ tsp unflavored gelatin

¼ cup water


1. Puree strawberries in a food processor until all lumps are gone. Leave strawberries in food processor bowl for now.

2. Pour ¼ cup water into a medium saucepan and sprinkle the gelatin over the water. Let the gelatin sit for five minutes.

3. While the gelatin sits, add eggs, a pinch of salt, and the sugar into a medium-sized mixing bowl and mix until the ingredients are smooth.

4. Pour the cream into a large mixing bowl, and using an electric mixer whip the cream until soft peaks form (this takes about five minutes—don’t give up!).

5. Put the saucepan with the gelatin on the stove and heat the gelatin until it dissolves and the water becomes clear; stir as necessary.

6. Once the gelatin has heated, add the puree mixture to the pan and combine well.

7. Next, add the puree-gelatin mixture and the egg mixture to the cream and combine well.

8. Pour the final mixture into the pie crust and refrigerate for four hours.

9. Enjoy!


This pie is incredibly versatile and can be made with almost any kind of fruit.

To make a strawberry lemonade pie, replace the regular sugar with lemon sugar, which can be found in upscale grocery stores.

To make a chocolate strawberry pie, use a chocolate pie crust and sprinkle the top with white and milk chocolate chips or drizzle it with warm chocolate.


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