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No Meat Pasta

Updated on April 6, 2013

Pasta the most flexible food that I Know

Pasta is always easy to prepare

When it comes to cooking pasta, I think I am above average... through the years of cooking it, I have learned to mix ingredients and always ended up with a new pasta with delectable tastes, may it be pasta with beef, pasta with chicken, pasta with combined pork and beef, seafood pasta and now the no meat pasta.

I have three pasta recipes that I just tried early this year. It is no meat pasta recipes, meaning no beef or chicken, though one recipe has Tuna meat. For those who wanted to rest from eating meats specially in this coming holiday season, these pasta recipes are good substitute. They all taste good in spite of the absense of meat.

the following are "must" haves if you want to have good pasta experience right inside your home: Olive oil, Herbs and spices like oregano whole or ground, thyme, Dried or fresh Rosemary, dried of fresh basil, salt, pepper, nutmegs, olive and capers.

You wont be using all of those in one pasta recipe of course. You can still use them in your next pasta adventure...

Olive Linguini Pasta

Olive Linguini
Olive Linguini | Source

Olive Linguini Pasta


Olive Oil, Olive green or black, capers(if available) salt and pepper to taste, herbs and spices to taste ( your choice oregano or thyme but you can also combine it) grated cheese and cream cheese, or eitheir of the two.

saute onions, garlic then olive and caper into heated olive oil, add cooked pasta linguini, add salt and pepper to taste, add grated cheese, add cream cheese, simmer, add herbs and spices.  Best with toast french bread top with cottage cheese.

How did I come up with this, I have plenty of cooked Linguini but no more pasta sauce, so I search for what is availabe in the kitchen and and I ended up with this one... and it's good..


Reinvented Spicy Tuna Fetuccini

Reinvented Spicy Tuna Sauce still boiling
Reinvented Spicy Tuna Sauce still boiling

Reinvented Spicy Tuna Pasta

I called it reinvented because the sauce is readily available in the supermarket, Delmonte Spicy Tomato, the direction said this is best with Tuna. But I add more to make it a little different.

With the ready to cook sauce in pouch, you wont be doing the saute- ing in garlic and onions anymore, just add the olive oil, then add bottom mushroom( slice thinly), olive if you have one, then add the tuna, then the Delmonte Spicy Tomato sauce, add cream you can add  3 tablespoon or more, your choice or according to your tastes, add grated chees then simmer.

I think all pasta is good to combined with toast bread and cottage cheese toppings

Double Mushroom Linguini

Double Mushroom Linguini

This is called double mushroom linguini obviously because I combined two different mushrooms, the bottom mushroom and the shitake mushroom. The sauce is tomato sauce in pouch combined with slice tomatoes in can.

Ingredients: Shitake mushroom, bottom mushroom, olive, capers (if available) canned slice tomatoes,tomato sauce in pouch, olive oil, onion garlic, salt and pepper, herbs and spices, grated cheese

saute onion in olive oil then garlic add shitake mushroom and bottom mushroom (slice thinly) add the tomatoes and tomato sauce, salt and pepper to taste, add herbs and spices, add lots of grated cheese, simmer.

you can also use other pasta in this recipe..



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