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No More Tyson Chicken

Updated on January 30, 2021

They can stuff their chicken!


I'm Never Eating Tyson Products Again

I learned just yesterday, although late, that the Tyson Chicken Company has a plant in TN and at one point decided not to celebrate labor day as one of their paid holidays. They exchanged this holiday for the last day of Ramadan. (I'm sure I haven't spelled that correctly, but no worries here). I found this to be absolutely disgusting! So much so, that I checked with SNOPES and Fox News to see if it was actually true. It was. Not only did they not want to celebrate Labor Day as a paid holiday in favor of the muslim holiday, they also made a prayer room available for those muslims that needed to pray!

Because I was beyond furious, I sent the following e-mail to their corporate division:


Yesterday I had a coupon for Tyson Anytizers Buffalo Chicken, so because I like your chicken, I picked some up. Unfortunately, I was one day early, because today, only by coincidence, my Dad sent me an e-mail regarding the fact that the Tyson company has done away with celebrating Labor Day as one of their holidays in favor of the last day of the muslim holiday of Rahmadan! I checked with both Snopes and Fox News and apparently, this is true!

I just want to let you know that I will NEVER again purchase ANY Tyson product. I wouldn't buy it on clearance for a penny! I think it's absolutely disgusting what you have done. I understand that you have more than your fair share of muslim employees, but if none of your Non-muslim employees have reminded you yet, let me do the honors...America is a CHRISTIAN country, founded on CHRISTIAN principals. If Tyson feels the need to cater to it's muslim employees then maybe it should take it's company to a muslim country. Chances are good that you won't be missed seeing as we still have Perdue and Banquet and a few others to choose from as far as good chicken goes.

If it isn't disgusting enough that you passed up Labor Day for ramadahn, which it is, then you go and give them a prayer room??? Did you build a Chapel for your non-muslim employees? Didn't think so.

If America falls to it's knees, you can bet it will be because of companies like yours that feel the need to cater to every immigrant that comes to this country. Please don't think I'm a racist. I am not. I believe in equal opportunities for anyone who comes to this country legally. However, if they choose America to be their new home, then they should learn to adjust to our way of living...such as WORKING a 40 hour work week instead of praying during working hours. If they need to pray during work time, then perhaps they should go to work for a Muslim company that will understand and accept their religious practices. Do your Christian workers get to take a break every time it's prayer time for your muslim employees?

More and more companies seem to be pulling this bs and for every one that does, I will be adding them to my list of do not buy from. Honestly, you should be ashamed of yourselves. Perhaps if you are lucky, GOD will take pity on your soul. allah can't do it, because he does not exist.

One last thing before I go; my contact list is extremely large, so you can bet your sweet Tyson butt that I will be forwarding this to every single person on that list and requesting that they forward it to everyone on their list. I will post it on Face Book and I will write a blog about it. I will also attach the Fox News posting so that there will be no mistake of the authenticity of your lack of Patriotism for our country. Apparently, 9-11 didn't mean all that much to you. Well it meant quite a bit to me and the rest of my country. Some of us will never forget. Apparently you already have.

GOD Bless the USA!

Because the guidelines for writing hubs states that material cannot be copied, I have not pasted the response that I received from Tyson Corporate Offices. However, it goes something like this: Problem rectified, blah blah blah, it was only one plant in TN that we did that, blah blah blah. No they did not address the subject of the prayer room. And apparently the only reason they went back to giving their Christian employees back their paid Labor Day holiday is because their union fought so hard for it.

Doing away with the Labor Day holiday should never have been a thought in their minds to begin with! They can spout all the bs justifications they want, but for me it's a dollar short and a day late. They can take their chicken and stuff it!

God Bless The USA!


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