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Northern Italy Cuisine

Updated on December 8, 2008

Discover the fabulous tastes of Northern Italy


When it comes to catering to the culinary arts, Northern Italy has a lot to offer for the most esigent palates. Whether you are fond of cheeses, fresh gifts from the sea, or have a passion for wines, you will certainly find the Northern Italian cuisine particularly appetitive.

Tuscany, scattered with vineyards, is known as a region producing premium wines. Emilia Romagna, offers mortadella and is known as a prime producer of fresh egg pasta and tortellini. Liguria, along the coasts of the Ligurian sea, offers fresh seafood and the great creamy pesto made of basil, pine nuts and extra virgin olive oil. Then comesPiemonterich with corn fields yielding polenta, and cows producing phenomenal cheeses such as fonduta.

Below are some common dishes Northern Italy is proud to present:


This is cornmeal which is a very common dish Italians prepare in particular in the cold fall or wintry days. It is often offered with sauce and sausage or in a famous dish "polents and osei" where it is served with small game.


Rice in Northern Italy, is offered under the form of risotto. A famous dish is risotto alla milanese, which is rice with saffron and ossobuco meat. This rice is very eye appealing since the saffron colors it of a nice golden yellow. Porcini mushrooms and prestigious white truffles make rich risottos for he most esigent palates.


This is a special cheese that is simply a delicatessen. Made out of fontina cheese that is melted in a fondue pot, it is often enhanced with thinly sliced truffles.

Northern Italy is a place to rejoice for cheese lovers and cold cut lovers. Cheeses range from slightly piquant Parmiggiano Reggiano to the heavenly Taleggio. Meat lovers will enjoy Prosciutto di Parma, Speck and Mortadella. Even a dish as simple as a salad will be a party for the taste buds with Balsamic Vinegar bringing the most humble salad to life.

When it comes to catering to the visitor's sweet tooth, there are various pastries and desserts that are hard to forget. Authentic Tiramisu' is a must made with mascarpone cheese, brandy liquer and espresso coffee. Profiterol are cream puffs filled with whipped cream and coated with a rich chocolate cream, candied cherries and whipped cream. Monte bianco is a rich melt in the mouth mountain made of chestnuts, liqueur and whipped cream.

So from antipasto to dessert, Northern Italy is surely a culinary experience you do not want to miss. As you visit its regions, you will discover unique dishes reflecting the typical products its mainlands has to offer. Northern Italy is a gift, for the eyes but best of all, for the palate.

Prestigious black truffles


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