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Oat-Almond Breakfast Bread

Updated on January 10, 2018
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Athlyn loves "all things bread" and shares her tips and recipes for homemade bread, quick breads, and all varieties in between.

A Breakfast Bread Even Kids Will Like

Oat-Almond Bread Topped With Jam
Oat-Almond Bread Topped With Jam | Source

Throw Out Chemical & Preservative-Laden Processed Cereal or Inferior White Bread and Serve Your Family Something That Will Actually Nourish Them

One of my favorite breakfast breads is this top-of-the-stove oat-almond bread. These cakes whip up easily and are such a nice change from the usual toast in the morning. Kids like oat bread, too, and if you use organic ingredients, your family will be eating a nutritious breakfast food.

You will need a blender or food processor the turn oats into oat flour and to grind your almonds. If you are using a regular blender, carefully push oats into blades as they work their way up the sides of the blender. I do this with a spatula.

It takes seconds to grind oats and almonds into flour, so for those who are short on time or patience, no worries, this is still an easy bread to make.


I like to add flour to this recipe, which helps the bread to hold together.


  • 1 cup quick oats, grind into oat flour
  • 1 cup whole wheat or Kamut flour
  • 1 cup whole almonds, skins on, grind into almond flour
  • 1-2 Tsp. baking powder
  • 1-3 Tbsp. honey
  • 1-2 cups water, Add in water and adjust amounts, as needed so you have a moist but not sticky dough

Use a Blender to Grind Oats Into Flour

Image: Oat Flour
Image: Oat Flour | Source
Image: Oat Flour With Almonds
Image: Oat Flour With Almonds | Source
Photo: Ground Oats and Almonds
Photo: Ground Oats and Almonds | Source

If you are unsure as to how to make oat flour or almond meal, please see the videos below--or skip and continue on with this recipe.

How to Make Your Own Oat Flour

While fresh is always best, if you are short on time, follow this tip: I dump an entire bag of whole almonds into my food processor and then I have a ready supply of almond meal. I store this in a container in the fridge and each time I make my oat-almond breakfast bread, I simply sprinkle in however much nut meal I want, to make my bread rich and nourishing.

Add Water to Dry Ingredients

Image: Adding Water
Image: Adding Water | Source

Add water and stir ingredients with a wooden spoon until a ball starts to form. Work dough with your hands until you have a ball.

Divide into portions and either flatten with hands or roll out, depending on time available and preference.

Calcium-Rich Almonds Add Extra Goodness

It's a great feeling knowing I'm eating a bread that provides calcium for my body. I have a milk allergy, as so many do, and adding ground almonds to my breakfast bread is an easy way to increase calcium intake.

Mix Until Dough Forms

Image: Oat-Almond Dough
Image: Oat-Almond Dough | Source

Roll out dough on a floured counter and cut into rounds. If mixture crumbles, press dough together.

Keep forming left-over dough into another round clump, then roll out and cut out more rounds.

Roll Out Dough and Cut Into Rounds

Photo: Rolling Out Oat-Almond Breakfast Bread
Photo: Rolling Out Oat-Almond Breakfast Bread | Source

Add a liberal amount of olive oil to a fry pan and gently place your rounds into pan. Keep your heat setting on low and turn over to brown both sides. Cover with a lid so that oat-almond bread cooks on the inside.

Use care when turning rounds over because they will be slightly crispy and could crumble.

Cooking Oat-Almond Bread

Photo: Cooking Oat-Almond Breakfast Rounds
Photo: Cooking Oat-Almond Breakfast Rounds | Source
Photo: Cooking Oat-Almond Breakfast Bread
Photo: Cooking Oat-Almond Breakfast Bread | Source

Ready to Eat!

Photo: Golden Brown and Ready to Eat, Oat-Almond Breakfast Bread
Photo: Golden Brown and Ready to Eat, Oat-Almond Breakfast Bread | Source

Serve your oat-almond breakfast bread warm or cold. This quick bread has a nice crispy texture and is delicious topped with either strawberry or raspberry jam.

Why Not Get Creative?

I like to change things up a little, so my oat-almond bread may include a dolop of molasses and cinnamon and a dash of nutmeg or some vanilla. A sweetened bread is delicious and hard to stay out of!

Adding a sticky sweetener such as molasses or honey helps your bread to stay together. As well, I find larger thicker rounds also hold together well.

Don't be afraid to experiment until you get your bread where you want it.

Oat-Sesame Bread

Depending on the supplies you have on hand, you could also make this breakfast bread using 1 cup of ground sesame seeds instead of almonds or use half and half of both almonds and sesame seeds.

Sesame seeds create a nice flour and using either sesame seeds or ground almonds increases both nutritive value and taste of this oat bread.

If you desire a nuttier bread, simply increase the amount of nuts or seeds in this recipe and adjust liquid amounts, as needed.

Sesame Seeds, Almonds a Good Source of Calcium

Both sesame seeds and almonds are a nut-based source of calcium, so for those on vegan diets, this addition is ideal (and good for the rest of us!).

While nuts and seeds have gone up in price, the money you don't spend on sausages or bacon easily covers the cost of nuts and seeds.

Fruit-Nut Oat Bread

If you happen to have trail mix, make the basic oat-almond dough, then add a handful of trail mix, which adds color and crunch to this bread.

This brightly colored bread may appeal to finicky children.

Adding Fruit and Nuts

Photo: Adding Fruit and Nuts to Oat-Almond Dough
Photo: Adding Fruit and Nuts to Oat-Almond Dough | Source
Fruit-Nut Breakfast Bread
Fruit-Nut Breakfast Bread | Source
Photo: Cooking Fruit-Nut Bread
Photo: Cooking Fruit-Nut Bread | Source

Don't Want to Cut Out Rounds?

You can also shape your dough into larger balls and make pan size rounds, which you can flatten with your hands.

Making Good Choices About What We Put Into Our Bodies

Consiousness is growing about the value of whole grains and nuts and seeds in the human diet. It is my hope that this recipe will help readers to learn a new way of looking at what we put into our bodies as fuel. Optimum health starts with choosing foods that offer more than convenience.

Even those who have busy schedules can make these up ahead of time, so they have them on hand for days when time is at a premium. The top-of-the-stove aspect makes this breakfast bread easier to prepare than working with a yeast dough.

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    • randomcreative profile image

      Rose Clearfield 4 years ago from Milwaukee, Wisconsin

      You make it look so easy! I would love to start making bread at home on a more regular basis. Thanks for the great recipe.