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Recipes for Non-Alcoholic Champagne Alternative

Updated on October 31, 2015

This New Year’s Eve why not ring in the New Year with a tasty non-alcoholic champagne alternative? I don’t mean the usual sparkling cider or sparkling grape juice. I’m talking about a nice adult beverage that happens to be non-alcoholic; a wonderful concoction that carries all the class and taste of the real McCoy.

You have the option of making your own non alcoholic champagne with just a little time and a few ingredients. Making your own beverages will make your gathering all the more memorable. Each of these recipes uses ingredients that you will find in your local market, and each takes just moments to prepare.

Try one, or all of these recipes at your next gathering. You will not regret it!

How to make Mock Champage Video

Quick and Easy Non-Alcoholic Recipes

Non-Alcoholic Champagne

1 2-liter bottle Ginger Ale

1 48-ounce bottle or 46-ounce can of White grape juice

Mix ginger ale and grape juice together and serve well chilled. Makes approximately 20 servings.

Bellini (non alcoholic version)


2 oz peach nectar

Well chilled sparkling cider

Pour the peach nectar into a champagne flute, slowly add sparkling cider. Makes 1 serving.

Mock Champagne

2 C. Water

2 C. Sugar

2 C. Grape Juice

1 C. Orange Juice

2 quarts Ginger Ale

In large punch bowl stir water and sugar until dissolved. Add the juices stirring well. Chill mixture until ready to serve. Just prior to serving add chilled Ginger Ale. Makes approximately 25 servings.

Champagne Punch (non-alcoholic)

2 bottles white grape juice

1 bottle club soda

56 ounces (2 bottles) 7-up

Mix ingredients together and serve well chilled. Makes 10 servings.

Don't Have Time to Make it Yourself?

OK, so you don’t have the time to make your own beverages.You do not have to serve the old stand-by sparkling grape juice or cider just yet. There are some very nice non-alcoholic champagnes and wines out on the market. Many can be found in your local liquor store or online wine distributor such as Take a look, you may be pleasantly surprised.

For a more adult beverage without the alcohol you may be interested in one of these selections:

Sutter Home Fre Brut

A lighter Brut selection with a hint of an apple bouquet.

Inglenook St. Regis Brut Champagne NV

This Brut Champagne is made the traditional way and then all the alcohol is removed, leaving the classic Brut champagne flavors and attributes behind.

Ariel Brut Cuvee

This sparkling wine has subtle oaky dryness.

Whether you are making your selection from one of the many available non-alcoholic champagnes and wines, or you will be making your own beverage, your party is sure to be a hit with these more adult champagne alternatives. Be a responsible host and offer your guests the non-alcoholic options, they will thank you for it.


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