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Old Style Recipes -Homemade Cottage Cheese - Rice Bread & Nun's Farts

Updated on September 17, 2016

Recipes for Old Style Breads and Cottage Cheese

These recipes are from my collection of early American ladies

housekeeping remedies and recipes, some of the recipes are rarities

dating back over a hundred years ago to the late 1800's.

They are printed in the same spelling used as passed down

through the years to preserve the Old Style Grace of The Ladies of the Era.


Old Style Cooking Tips

If you've never cooked in the old fashion way of

"a pinch here and a spoon there"

you may have to experiment with what a "teacupful"

would be, and a "saltspoon" amount is

and its what it says it is.

Remember they cooked on wood stoves back then

in the olden days so you'll have to adjust your modern stove

to low, med or high for slow or fast cooking directions and

keep an eye on it until done to perfection.

Nunn's Puff or Nun's Farts

Nunn's Puff or Farts as it was fondly called, is a very old recipe according to Wiki and is in a 1800's cook book I have. They are a french dessert pastry.

Boil 1 pint of Milk with half a pound of Butter.

Stir them into three-quarters of a pound of Flour

and let them cool.

Then add nine Eggs, yolks

and whites to be beaten separately,

and whites to be added last.

Fill cups or tins half full and bake.

When done,

Sprinkle with white sugar while hot.

Very nice with Tea.

Nun's Farts


Rice Bread

Rice Bread

1 pint Sweet Milk

2 teacups sifted Corn Meal

3 Eggs, beaten separately

1 teacup Boiled Rice

Half of teacup melted Butter

Half of teaspoonful Salt

Bake in a very hot oven,

using buttered iron muffin molds.


Cottage Cheese Ingredients

  • Milk
  • Boiling Water
  • Buttermilk
  • salt

Cottage Cheese-Homemade

Cottage Cheese

When tea kettle boils, pour the water into a pan

of Loppered Milk.

It will Curn at once.

Stir it and turn it into a colander, pour a little

cold water over it,

salt it, and break it up.

A better way is to put equal parts of Buttermilk

and thick Milk in a kettle, over a fire, heat it almost boiling

hot, pour into a linen bag and let it drain till next day.

Then take it out, salt it,

put it in a little cream or butter,

as it may be thick or not and make it up

into little balls

the size of an orange.

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