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Olive Oil Scam

Updated on October 22, 2012

Pure Goodness

The Situation:

If your like 54% of north america.

Olive oil has become such a staple in your cooking, salad dressings and baking that you wouldn't think twice about recommending it to a friend or loved one as a healthy alternative to some of the more trans fat containing cousins such as rapeseed (canola) oil.

Of course you don't want to offer your family just any olive oil, no. Being a smart consumer you have opted in for the 'Extra Virgin' olive oil that costs just a little more.

Well the term extra virgin literally means a greater more enhanced flavor.

And in order for olive oil to be deemed extra virgin it has to actually have an acidity of less than 0.08% actual physical content.

What to look for:

The lower acidity levels means that the oil deteriorates at a lower rate this will transfer into a longer shelf life, but more importantly a superior taste.

and Oil Being derived from an entirely mechanical process to achieve pure pressed or ground goodness without the chemicals and solvents of other more harsh processes.

Now being labeled 'Extra Virgin' is no small task, your oil must be free of all defects in the oil.

That burning (tingling) feeling in the back of your throat is actually what scientists have indicated is polyphenols in the oil and that this only occurs during the consumption of high quality olive oil.


The Scam:

Unfortunately many of the companies offering 'extra virgin'
olive oil do not meet the necessary requirements to actually
be extra virgin as they are either diluted with lower quality
refined oils that have been treated with chemicals or solvents
to remove the odd colors and odors to instead be replaced with
a consistent smooth flavor and are derived of most of the nutrients and other health benefits of enjoying the naturally pressed or ground flavor of pure extra virgin olive oil.

How to avoid wasting your money:

You work hard for your money, you don't want your olive oil being diluted, polluted or worse. Other than buying from a reputable source that displays the acidity levels (0.08%) as opposed to buying from specific countries, cannot always guarantee you're getting high quality olive oil.
If there is a specific brand you have always trusted perhaps give them a second look, you have nothing to lose, and your health to gain.


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