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On The Second Day, Some Invisible Omnipotent Being In The Sky said - Let There Be Fungus!

Updated on January 13, 2012

Okay okay, so it's not the catchiest title. That being said, I hope you'll find it humorous and relevant for this next extraordinary hub I'm going to provide you with.

Way back when....

When earth was still a violent mass of magma, rock and salty sea - a strange and amazing creature evolved. A creature that would change life on earth forever.

If you can believe, that extraordinary creature would come to be known as, the Mushroom, which was the first sentient thing to form on earth after basic bacteria. Following the birth, creation or evolving (whatever you want to call it) of the first fungus, came the first trees, plants and algae - all creatures that thrived from carbon dioxide and emitted oxygen as waste. This was made possible by a strange event that came after the first fungi, where the earths temperature dropped greatly, cooling down those hot-headed volcano's, lava flows and boiling desserts and opening up evolutional opportunities.

And as the mycelium spread, the trees grew and organisms diversified, another amazing event happened - the atmosphere dropped in carbon levels and rose in oxygen levels - giving way for creatures to form thicker bodies and something completely innovative for the time - BONES.

From Red to Green - How Mushrooms Changed The Earth

Strangely enough, because mushrooms were able to change things enough for plant and animal life to evolve and thrive, the mushrooms themselves were provided with a better environment for their own species to evolve further and provide protection and opportunities for even more beings.

And thus, the first symbiotic relationship was formed.

Why Am I Telling You This?

Can I be frank?

The reason I am telling you this, isn't just because I love mycology and I think it's totally awesome to know that mushrooms were one of the first beings ever to form (or to land) on earth, but because I am curious what we can do with this bit of knowledge.

If mushrooms are the reason our planet became a lush green beauty, then isn't it possible that mushrooms could also be the key to rejuvinating the earth, and bringing it back to a healthier status only known in a time before humans mucked it up?

What do you think?

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