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Our tainted food supply: Triscuit by Nabisco. One more reason why GMO labeling is imperative.

Updated on December 15, 2013

Triscuit "original" recipe

front of box
front of box | Source
Nutritional "facts"
Nutritional "facts"

Nabisco Foods proving to be Untrustworthy.

Unregulated food labeling can be detrimental to our health.

The unproven safety of Genetically Engineered foods is a dangerous practice.

One of my favorite snack foods has always been Triscuit by Nabisco.

The box front advertising is deceiving.

The listed ingredients seem benign.

The "Nutritional Facts" are also deceptively 'healthy' in appearance.

But there is more inside the box than meets the unsuspecting eyes of the consumer who is trying to shop for 'healthy' natural and 'safe' foods to eat and to serve their children.

Box label shows Ingredients as:

  • Whole Grain Soft White Wheat
  • Soybean Oil
  • and Sea Salt

All these seem healthy enough. But here is the problem:

On all products we buy, these days there is a toll free number, and/or an email address to call for questions, complaints, or comments.

Today i call the number on the box of Nabisco Triscuit ''Original'' recipe.

The word 'original" peaked my curiosity so i call the number today (1-800-622-4726) and the conversation went as follows:

The nutritional representative who answered the phone was very courteous and polite.

I explained that i have recently been concerned about the foods i feed my family to make sure they are safe to feed my children.

He asked which ingredients i was referring to.

I said: ''The wheat and soybeans that are used to make these crackers. Since there is no law regarding the labeling of GMO products, i wanted to make sure the ingredients that are listed are truly "original" as labeled''.

He said he did not know, and asked if i would mind being put on hold for a few minutes so he could check for me.

He returned in a short period of time and apologized for keeping me waiting and for what he was going to tell me.

He said he checked with his superiors who told him "yes, we use GMO products in most of our foods".

I thanked him for his honesty and the call was concluded.

I don't mind saying that my stomach was in distress at this point. I have been eating these crackers for the past year thinking they were "healthy" foods for myself and my family.

I felt betrayed and sickened by this information.

Monsanto, Inc is responsible for this deception on the American people. And they have recently donated Millions of dollars to the government to protect their rights to continue to deceive the American people.

''Just this week Monsanto dumped $4.5 million to defeat our efforts to win Yes on 522 and GMO labeling in Washington state while DuPont dropped $3.4 million.'' (excerpt from email)

The seemingly apathetic and cavalier attitude of the American people is undoubtedly due to the conditioning of our society to only be aware of immediate responses to everything around us.

We tend to turn a blind eye to the prospects of long term effects on humans in the form of

  • radiation effects on the brain by the continued use of cell phones,
  • the deadly effects of the use of tobacco,
  • and the proven effects of the ingestion of genetically modified foods on animals -
  • and ultimately on the living body, and/or on the unborn children.

by: d.william 09/13/2013

Is this the fate of our unborn children? Courtesy of Monsanto.

Monsanto manipulating the Government - money truly speaks louder than words

This is an excerpt from an email received today about how the GOP is pushing to destroy our rights to know what is in our food products.

Dear (d. william),

This morning I received a disturbing call from a Congressional staffer in Washington DC alarmed at the fact that the U.S. House of Representatives has decided to put forward the same language for the Continuing Resolution spending bill that contained the Monsanto Protection Act that Congress passed and President Obama signed into law last spring.

Last March, Monsanto succeeded in sneaking a controversial rider into the must pass spending bill that undermined the basic concept of judicial review, the separation of equal branches of government forcing the USDA to allow the planting of untested GMO crops even if a federal court ruled that the USDA had not properly considered the environmental or economic risks these new crops posed to family farmers.

If allowed to pass again, this new provision would undermine agency oversight and this dangerous provision could eventually become permanent, allowing Monsanto to succeed in stripping judges of their constitutional mandate to protect consumer rights and the environment, while opening up the floodgates for the planting of new untested GMO crops.

Is Congress Trying to Kill GMO Labeling?

Even worse, right now Congressman Fred Upton (R-MI) is working behind the scenes to introduce a bill that would kill state GMO labeling efforts by preempting it with a bill that would place GMO labeling under federal authority, circumventing successful citizen led efforts in Maine and Connecticut and trying to invalidate the ballot initiative in Washington state before it even passes.

We need your voice today more than ever to stop Monsanto’s shenanigans in Congress!

Even now as we are close to winning, Monsanto, DuPont and the biotech seed and chemical giants are working desperately behind the scenes to thwart our efforts.

While the previous Continuing Resolution that was passed this March is set to expire on September 30th, Roll Call reported this week that House Appropriations Chairman Harold Rogers, (R-KY) has introduced the short-term Continuing Resolution, with the exact same language as last time, which could be voted on as early as next week.

While members of the House are desperate to pitch this new continuing resolution as a “responsible” effort to pass a temporary budget to avoid a shutdown of the federal government, Monsanto and the biotech industry are using it as another opportunity to corrupt our basic democrat rights and protect their bottom line.

Last spring Food Democracy Now! members exposed the initial Monsanto Protection Act to the world when more than 300,000 of us stood up and demanded an end to the special interests handouts to Monsanto and the biotech seed and chemical giants.

Right now, we are once again calling on you and your friends and family to stand with us again to help expose this corruption of our basic democratic process once again!

Monsanto’s days are numbered and they know it! This year, you helped passed GMO labeling bills in Connecticut and Maine and right now we’re working hard with our allies to help win a citizen led ballot initiative in Washington state that would mandate labeling of genetically engineered foods.

Unfortunately, Monsanto, DuPont and the largest junk food companies in the world are determined to try to steal our basic democratic rights to protect their corrupt corporate profits. Just this week Monsanto dumped $4.5 million to defeat our efforts to win Yes on 522 and GMO labeling in Washington state while DuPont dropped $3.4 million.

Right now is the critical window where we need to stand together to stop Monsanto and these corrupt corporations from trying to betray our basic democratic rights once again.

Remember, democracy is like a muscle, either you use it or you lose it!

Thanks for participating in food democracy,

Dave, Lisa and the Food Democracy Now! team

{NOTE: the Food Democracy Now!! team encourages the sharing of their emails with others}

Mandatory food labeling

Do you actively support the mandatory labeling of all ingredients in foods we buy?

See results

© 2013 d.william


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    • d.william profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from Somewhere in the south

      Benjamin: This is what we are fighting to change in Washington. It is a long uphill battle when you have politicians who know nothing of the global situation, nothing of the dangers of GMO foods, and who possess the stupidity of demanding more deregulation for Corporate America who put us in this crisis by having too few, and or , ineffective laws that protect corporations instead of the people.

    • profile image

      Benjamin Chege 

      5 years ago

      Hi Dwilliam, I agree with you. Since they use animals to test for the effects of most foods and pharmaceuticals, they should take the results seriously before the world suffers the consequences. Short-term material gain by politicians should not put everyone else at risk.

    • d.william profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from Somewhere in the south

      Benjamin: Thanks for taking the time to read and comment. This kind of action by the corporations like Monsanto, et al, as well as those congressmen, and congresswomen, who support this kind of action should be considered guilty of crimes against the people.

      If, or when, there is real evidence of genetic shifting in humans, it will bet too late to do anything about. This shifting has already been proven by exposure of GMO foods to animals - so why does this government think that it will NOT happen in humans?

      The recent and continuous attempts by Monsanto to pass legislature to protect itself from ever being held accountable is also a travesty of justice, and those politicians who support this kind of atrocity by corporate America should be kicked out of Washington.

      There is certainly more protection for big business than there is for the common people.

    • profile image

      Benjamin Chege 

      5 years ago

      Awesome hub d.william. I agree with you that customers deserve to know whether the products sold to them are GMO or not. Failing to label GMO products is tantamount to deceiving customers or taking advantage of their lack of information to sell them products that may be a health risk to them. Since there are conflicting reports on the effects of GMO products, I think it is only fair for customers to be allowed to make the choice of whether or not to use them by being adequately informed through proper labeling.


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