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Organic Agriculture Sustainability and The Demise of Genetically Modified Organism Seeds

Updated on August 6, 2016

Organic food sustainability

Organic food sustainability depends on organic fertilizer as well as organic plant residues left over from organic food production. Soil rich in organic matter and bio-available minerals which congress has known about since the first half of the twentieth century. Even so,most plant food production is dependent on non-organic oil based fertilizer's and the use of industrial chemical pesticides and herbicides rather than the use of plant based or less environmentally harmful substances which helps in protecting human and animal health. Adding carbon rich organic materials and certain major and micro minerals into the soil enriches the soil and helps the growth of healthy plants and animals that eat those plants and planted food products.

G M O seeds and or plants are not the same as hybrid seeds and or plants. Hybrid seeds genetic material is not manipulated in the same way as G M O seeds and plants are. Hybrid seeds are not able to reproduce plants true to the hybrid characteristics. Hybrid seeds are created by cross breeding two different plants which are not normally genetically compatible.Hybrid seeds differ from G M O seed in that G M O seed was genetically modified through genetic splicing between not only plant species but,also the plant and animal species using bacteria and viruses that themselves have been genetically modified in order to produce pesticides within G M O plants to kill plant pests that eat the food producing plant as well as it's fruit as well as beneficial insects such as bees and other insects that pollinate plants . The difference between the two processes is like the difference between night and day.

G M O seeds and plants are touted by a group of chemical companies to be good for the farmer by increasing food production and cutting production costs such as labor for weeding their fields.Their claim of cutting labor costs is legit and yet the farmer has to sign a contract that says he must only buy seed and pesticide and or herbicide from them.The reasoning for that restriction is designed to make these chemical companies a profit.These chemical companies are doing the same to farmers worldwide. Cotton farmers in India have lost their farms due to the high cost of buying the pesticides they are under contract with Monsanto.Some have committed suicide because of this situation.They also have been ill due to contact with these same pesticides.

The chemicals used to treat the G M O plants is known to be carcinogenic to humans and many G M O plants now produce their own pesticide which humans and animals eat.


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