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Organic Food Make You Slim and Healthy

Updated on March 31, 2016

Health Quality and Organic Food

Overweight and obesity is one of problem that you need to avoid. One of the best ways is consuming organic food especially fruit and vegetables. People who regularly consume organic food usually has slimy body and good health. Organic food is food that growing without pesticide and chemical fertilizer. Its prize a little bit higher than food grown by pesticide and chemical input. Some people call its green product, natural food, etc.

Organic food is healthy for women and children
Organic food is healthy for women and children

People admitted that consuming organic food made their body more fresh, healthy, and slim. Some research said that organic food contain more nutrition and vitamin C. It is believed that consuming organic food will be prolonging your life expectation about five years. Organic food stimulate your body to burn your body fat.

Organic food is also rich with compound of fenolat, tannin, flavanon, carotenoid, and resveratrol as fat burning, and also to avoid cancer, diabetes, and coroner. Organic food produces secondary metabolite about 12 percent and vitamin C about 6 percent higher than conventional food product. All of this information is study result of University of Newcastle, Australia, on journal Critical Reviews in Plant Science.

Research found evident that person who consuming organic farming will increase their life quality. Life expectation assumption will impact about month and maybe up to five years. Compound resveratrol able to burn fat body and impacted to decrease of body weight, and in long time, to ideal or proportional body weight. That is the reason why organic food consumer has more quality health and slim body.

Save Environment and Organic Food

There are many reasons why should you consume organic food, especially made you easier to gain good quality health and slim body. Organic food is no harm for environment because it’s grown with natural manure and no chemical input such pesticide and fertilizer. Organic farming is protecting the environment and wild life.

Organic is a symbol of commitment that farm or agriculture will more responsible on environment. Pesticide and chemical residue is dangerous to our brain and body; and most dangerous for baby and children. It is better baby and child consumes organic food.

Benefit of organic food make you slim and healthy
Benefit of organic food make you slim and healthy

Conventional farming with high chemical input will contaminating the water resources, river, land, and of course the farmer. Many studies acknowledge that farmer and rural people have contaminated with chemical input. They are fragile to cancer, coroner, and some health problem.

Pesticide also kills the natural enemy of pest. Neurotoxin is toxin that attack brain and nerve system. Organophosphate is one of pesticide that use to kill pest that still in some area or country allowed to use in farm estate. Imported food, fruit and vegetables, that not labeled “natural” or “organic”, has probability that grown with chemical pesticide and fertilizer.

Lets consume Organic Food
Lets consume Organic Food

Let’s Consume Organic Food as Life Style

Earth is suffering with environmental destruction and lost of biodiversity. Let we save our planet by do something like consuming organic food, and others healthy lifestyle. Do walk or use bicycle, turn off electric equipment, less plastic, etc. Our future is in our hand. Organic farming made your life more healthy, slim, and benefit directly to our environment and earth.


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    • healthwealthmusic profile image

      Ruth R. Martin 

      6 years ago from Everywhere Online ~ Fingerlakes ~ Upstate New York

      I agree with eating organic - some may argue against it being that much more healthy. I will not disagree with them, but I quietly continue to choose organic when I can, knowing that I am not ingesting pesticides and chemicals with my food :) Thank you for sharing, voted up!


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