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Organic Products may be phooie

Updated on May 14, 2011

American Food is basically pretty darn safe

Eggs - organic or not? Of course if you consider chickens are social animals, and they like to be in "clutches" of 4-6 birds as then they feel safer and happier, then why does it matter if they are happy and safe in a cage? If the feed they eat is only corn, soybean meal, calcium carbonate and a vitamin pack to insure all their vitamins and micro nutrients are met - is that a less organic egg than the one the chicken that is scared to death a rat or a snake or some other predator is going to eat them lays while eating bugs, grass, other chicken's pooh, other animal's pooh, and dirt?  I've heard folks say the second birds eggs have more flavor - haha, sure they do, now you know why.

Chickens - are fed corn, soybeans, animal fat (probably chicken fat), calcium carbonate, a vitamin package of micro-nutrients (selenium, iron, phosphate, etc, important basic stuff). They only get limited antibiotics if they get sick. No use of growth promoting drugs or hormones on chicken is needed. They are done growing naturally in about 6-7 weeks. 

Pork...same as chicken...the other white meat. is a common practice to implant a hormone in beef cattle at a young age that enhances the growth rate of the cattle more efficiently on less grain and grass. It isn't detectable as an adult animal before slaughter. the US there is the possibility of having milk that came from a cow that was given a dose of the same hormone that naturally causes the cow's milk to "drop." This shot increases the flow of milk from the same cow making the process much more efficient. It is the same hormone, basically, found in any mammal which does the same thing.

One note on eggs....Eggland's Best chickens are fed a special diet that contains some unique nutrients like north sea kelp, canola oil (high in omege III fatty acids) which end up with an egg that has some special properties, all of which are perfectly natural and health enhancing, it is believed.

Organic vegetables: does it matter to you if your corn, beans, broccoli, or okra were grown in composted donkey dung or only squirrel poop? Or would it be OK with you if they were grown in a big field of great soil that is "enhanced" with fertilizer? Where I use soap on my plants to keep bugs off, or beer, or some other remedy, a big farmer may use some chemicals that can only be the kind that wash off with water...but the vegetables don't show rust or rot or bug holes. 

My final comment - irradiated products. Keep in mind once the product is irradiated, there is nothing living in the product - the RNA of any microorganisms in the meat/vege/poultry is interrupted and therefore dies. So strawberries that have been irradiated can last for weeks before breaking down - or just about anything. There are no known side effects or problems that come from eating irradiated foods - the military has been doing it for 50 plus years for millions of meals. 


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