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Our Wonderfully Diverse Cuisine

Updated on March 3, 2017

Melting Pot

For hundreds of years we have had the privilege of having the world at our feet,if you will, among the many tasty treats that all of our world has to offer. Yet we complain about our taste bud quandary as though we have never experienced anything different. I beg you to look around!

We have many tastes to choose from and many ways to get them. Because of social media and our wonderfully changing technology we can get anything we want at our finger tips. I mean you can Google anything. It is shamefully easy. You want to make a curry based dished tonight? Google "Curry based dishes" and viola! Right before your eyes you have a list of recipes that you can choose from. Complete with pictures!

So Many Choices!

How great is it that we have so many choices! Now we are so diverse that all we need do is ask our neighbors, who are from another country, hoe to cook something that is an easy staple food in their country of origin and vice-versa and we instantly enjoy what they enjoy on a regular basis and then we now know how to make it ourselves. So we can enjoy it anytime we want. Even have an international dinner party,as it were.

It's Always nice to come Home

Even though we love to travel,though I can only speak for myself, it's always great to be coming home to our comfortable existence and our relaxing recliners and watch our picture slides of vacation photos. But, after it's is all said and done, coming home to our comfort food just makes it all that much more special. Makes us appreciate our homeland a little bit more. But we can still enjoy the tastes of the lands that we visited knowing that we can make them anytime we want in our own diverse kitchens.


So don't be afraid to experiment! Did you know that most of our cuisine in America is made up of many different foods and spices from all over the world? Curry, just to mention one, has many different facets of taste. According to each different family it is a staple spice that many Indian recipes cannot do without but there are many different kinds and different ways to make curry according to your families taste and you can always adjust to your liking. There are many more facets of other cuisines and other origins. But you can have all of them at your fingertips and try them. Especially the ones you are afraid of. You might surprise yourself. Go on an adventure! Bon Appetite!

How to Make Curry

© 2017 Pamela K Conoly


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