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Packing Breakfast for Children to Take to School : Breakfast Ideas for Kids

Updated on March 7, 2022
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Packing Breakfast for Children to Take to School - Breakfast Ideas for Kids Photo: Sausage with Eggs
Packing Breakfast for Children to Take to School - Breakfast Ideas for Kids Photo: Sausage with Eggs

Packing Breakfast for Kids to Take to School

Packing Breakfast for Kids to Take to School

Breakfast Ideas for Kids

Do your kids have time to eat breakfast at home before they head out of the door each weekday morning?

... Or do they have the school cafeteria food for breakfast?

...Or do they typically take their breakfast to school with them in their backpacks?

If the children most often take packed breakfast to school with them in their backpacks, then this hub on HubPages will offer your some ideas for packing breakfast for kids to take to school.

Often times the school administrations at various schools are very flexible with how to coordinate things and work with the parents to ensure that the children are getting sufficient nutrients to nourish them and energize them throughout their day.

Sometimes, children will eat both breakfast and lunch in the school cafeteria and take only a snack to school with them from home and eat the snack at the designated snack time between their scheduled meals.

Some school administrations are flexible enough to not require that a child that has signed up for cafeteria food eat the cafeteria food every single weekday. If instead, the child would like to take food from home to school on some of the days, he or she can do so too.

Then, there are also the children whose parents do not sign up to have them eat the school cafeteria food at all. They take their meals from home consistently during the week on a daily basis. This might include both breakfast and lunch if there is an early morning start and not enough time for the child to eat the breakfast at home.

When packing breakfast for kids to take to school

When packing breakfast for kids to take to school, it is a good idea to have lots of clean containers on hand to use throughout the week. If there is communication in advance, then for young children, teachers and/or other classroom staff are often willing to help them to quickly and conveniently heat up (in the microwave) a meal that has been sent from home to school.

Of course, you will not want to bother the teacher and other classroom staff with having to microwave too many meals but an occasional microwavable meal will be very reasonable so that the child can have something hot and soothing in his or her stomach. A delicious hot meal is a nice occasional alternative to cold cereal, a sandwich or a muffin that can be sent on other days.

This hub on HubPages will especially offer you some ideas for a few of those hot breakfast meals.

(Nevertheless, there might of course, be cereal days sometimes and cereal is one of the most economical breakfasts you can pack for your child to take to school. An idea for that is to not necessarily purchase those small individual sized cereals but rather go ahead and purchase a large economical box of cereal. Subsequently, pour out individual portions into Ziploc bags or other brand bags of plastic sandwich baggies. You can send your child to school with a tote containing one of these individual cereal portions, a reusable plastic bowl, a spoon, napkins and a portable, reusable bottle containing milk that was poured in from a large gallon container of milk [again, this is money saving compared to buying smaller portable boxes of milk].)

Fresh muffins that do not need heating up can also be an also be an occasional and enjoyable breakfast treat for your child. Banana muffins, blueberry muffins and cranberry muffins are the muffin flavor varieties that are most favored by my own kids.

Here are some of the ideas for packing the breakfast meals that would need to be re-heated in a microwave.:

  1. I say do not hesitate to occasionally send your kid in to school with a packed breakfast that includes scrambled eggs. Eggs are often very inexpensive at the supermarket and eggs are a great source of protein to leave your child feeling satisfied and energized for the upcoming day of academics at school as well as physical activity and play.

2.Optionally, you might want to pair the scrambled eggs with bacon or sausage when packing breakfast for your kid(s) to go to school. When you send the kids to school with a container of scrambled eggs and bacon or scrambled eggs and sausage that you cooked up fresh that morning, it might still be sufficiently warm when you put the container packed with food in an insulated tote. The teacher or teacher assistant that helps your child to unpack his or her breakfast and start eating will be discerning as to whether the food that was packed hot and fresh and placed in the insulated tote is still sufficiently warm to give the child and if not, just thirty seconds in the microwave might do the trick. A parent can just put a little post-it with the child’s food container (“Please microwave for 30 seconds. Thanks.”) if it will be regarded as a helpful reminder.

3. Delicious fresh fruit such as oranges, strawberries, grapes or a banana are very enjoyable at breakfast time. Additionally, packing a fruit of some kind will probably be essential for meeting school administration policy guidelines for sending you child to school with a healthy breakfast if they are not partaking of the school cafeteria food that will of course already meet any guideline and policies that have been set in place.

4. Pancakes! My kids love pancakes. How about yours? Why not go ahead and send them to school with something that they would absolutely love to eat and not be finicky about eating. When I send my kids to school with pancakes (that need only a very short re-heating of approximately 1 minute in the microwave), the containers always come back home totally empty! Perhaps, you can try sending waffles as well.

5. Your child might delight in milk, orange juice or cranberry juice as an accompanying beverage and I recommend sending your child to school with water to drink as well.

The photos included in this hub illustrate some of the ideas for packing breakfast for kids to go to school with. I hope that you have enjoyed reading this hub and that it has offered you a couple of ideas that you might not have considered before.

Pancake, bacon and eggs packed for school

Pancake, bacon and eggs
Pancake, bacon and eggs

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