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Pal Payasam (Rice Kheer)

Updated on August 4, 2012

Cook Time

Prep time: 5 min
Cook time: 40 min
Ready in: 45 min
Yields: Serves 10
rice kheer (pal payasam)
rice kheer (pal payasam)

Pal Payasam (Rice Kheer)


Rice 1 cup

Milk 1 litre

Sugar 3-4 tbsps

Cardamoms 3-4


Wash the rice and drain. Boil in milk over medium flame. Cook till the rice is done. Add sugar and mix well. Lower the flame. Add the crushed cardamoms and remove from heat. Serve hot.


You can cook the rice in water and then add milk and boil and later add condensed milk for added taste and sweetness. May add roasted (in ghee) cashews or almonds or coconut pieces and add just before serving. You can try this same recipe with red rice. That will be healthier than white rice. Taste and colour would vary when jaggery is added instead of sugar.

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