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Parsley with Pizza, Pesto, Potatoes & More

Updated on January 1, 2017

A Pizza Is Not A Pizza Without Parsley

Parsley Root Parsley Pizza
Parsley Root Parsley Pizza | Source

Parsley And Garlic Pesto

Fish Roulade wih Garlic and Parsley Pesto
Fish Roulade wih Garlic and Parsley Pesto

Parsley Red Potatoes

Parsley Potatoes with red potatoes and plenty of Parsley
Parsley Potatoes with red potatoes and plenty of Parsley

Now That Your Mouth Is Watering!

A Little History

Parsley has been cultivated for over 2000 years, but it didn’t start out as a spice. Originally, the ancient Greeks and Romans use Parsley for everything but as a spice. It was a popular adornment for the Olympic winners who were rewarded with Parsley wreaths because the Greeks were convinced that Hercules had selected Parsley for his garlands. Parsley’s medicinal uses have included treatment for everything from bad breath to wetting the bed.

Today Parsley is very popular as a garnish, possibly because of its reputation for cleaning up bad breath. Parsley is a popular herb for adding that little extra enhancement to meats, fish, chicken and most vegetables.

Fresh Is Best

Parsley leaves are popular as condiments for their taste enhancing capability and as a garnish for their ability to add visual dimension to the food. Parsley seems to makes everything next to it look tasty!

The two most popular types of parsley are known as curly and flat. The flat leaf variety is also called Italian parsley and exhibits more taste than its curly Parsley cousin. When you have the choice, always opt for the fresh Parsley. It is inexpensive and is available year round. If you get in the groove with Parsley, look into adding Parsley to your herb garden, and you can enjoy its taste and healthy makeup every day.

What Does Parsley Go With

Well, it would make a shorter list if we just told you what not to use it on! Parsley dresses up and spices up almost anything. Anytime my Grandmother tasted something on the stove – no matter who was cooking – she would stop for a moment and then declare “I think it could use a little Parsley.”

My preferences for using Parsley include white fish dishes, soups (especially tomato based), most fresh vegetables, grilled or baked chicken, and of course it is a must on Pizza!

Buttered Parsley Potatoes is one of my all-time favorites, just make sure the pieces of potato are not too big. The one Parsley dish that I can pass on is Parsley soup. I guess I want my Parsley to complement not take center stage.


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