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People Outside of China Will Choose to Avoid These Great Chinese Delicacies. Have You Ever Eaten Them?

Updated on July 22, 2020
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I am a Chinese girl, I like to share with you people and things about China, welcome to comment, thank you for reading

There is some great food in China that foreigners will choose to take a detour. What are they there? Now China's food culture has penetrated the minds of foreigners, allowing us to perceive its deliciousness. China’s food culture is extensive and profound. No matter which city you go to, you can see some special food in the city. These rich foods make everyone feel that they can’t stop their mouths. Girls always talk about losing weight. It turns out that there is a reason why you can’t lose weight. There are some foods that foreigners go around in Chinese cuisine. It is not because foreigners don’t like to eat, but they are very scared at first glance. , So I chose to refuse.

Stinky tofu, in many people's minds, the smell of stinky tofu smells particularly stinky, and people want to stay away from it. If you like to taste it, you will find that stinky tofu is not what everyone thinks, it does smell It smells bad, but it tastes delicious. Stinky tofu is a particularly delicious delicacy, and its production method is very peculiar. With various fillings, people realize their delicacy. Only foreigners know the special horror of stinky tofu. Foreigners are unwilling to pluck up the courage to taste and accept stinky tofu, so they refuse.

Preserved eggs may not be known to foreigners that it is a certain kind of food. It is the most disgusting food in the world. Its taste is particularly scary. Foreigners see its appearance is particularly scary, so foreigners comment It is the egg laid by the devil. The eggs are marinated in the soil for several days. At this time, their smell is particularly stinky, like the eggs laid by the devil, so foreigners especially don't like them. The preserved eggs are full of rotten green meat. Foreigners don’t even understand the crystal clear and deliciousness underneath. Chinese people especially like to eat it. They put it in preserved egg and lean meat soup, and the lethality of preserved eggs on foreigners is simply too great. Take a look at their reaction. We know that it is especially distressed to ruin the delicious preserved eggs.

Chicken feet, for many foreigners, the first time they see Chinese eating chicken feet, it feels very magical. Why is it that someone is chewing with their claws? And foreigners are not particularly interested in these internal organs and paws, and they feel dirty. If you live in the UK, you will see that tens of thousands of paws are thrown directly into the garbage treatment plant every year, not just chicken paws, but many animal feet are thrown in the treatment plant because foreigners think that animal paws, Their nutritional content is too low, no matter what kind of cooking, they can't reflect its nutritional value, it is better to throw it away.

These three delicacies that foreigners don’t like to eat, on the contrary, they are the favorite of the Chinese.

© 2020 Chinese girl


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