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For the Cook On Your Gift List

Updated on October 18, 2014

Tips on perfect kitchen gifts

Do you have a baker or a cook on your gift list and you are going crazy trying to think of something unique to get for them? 

I am hoping this lens will give you some great ideas because there are so many unusual kitchen items as well as some of the "must haves"  that you can give as gifts.  Something that Aunt Millie doesn't want to buy for herself but would love to have.

Being in the kitchen cooking or baking is a universal love.  It has no age limits and it doesn't matter if you are male or female.  Creating something wonderful to eat is a passion for many of us and having the right tools makes it even more fun.

So take a few minutes and look at some of these ideas.  Hopefully, you will find something that really strikes your fancy (maybe you will want to get one for yourself too).


Simple as an Apron

Aprons are a must have in the kitchen whether you are baking or cooking. They have pockets to hold measuring spoons or your glasses. They give you a place to wipe your hands not to mention they protect your clothes while mixing up that batch of cookies or making that pie crust.

I keep several on hand so that when my grandchildren are here to help me bake some cookies I have an apron for them too. Children love to wear an apron, yes, even the boys! So you will want to have a some in plain colors because the grandson's will not wear anythiing with polka dots or flowers.

Aprons come in all styles and colors, the cost is reasonable and the apron is useful. So, if you are looking for a great stocking stuffer or need to spend under $20 for a gift, the apron might be your choice.

Also consider the apron for your children or grandchildren while they are using finger paints or glues, it just might save that favorite pair of jeans or t-shirt.

Perfect Kitchen Gadgets

There are so many kitchen gadgets on the market and you can NEVER have enough. If you know someone who likes to bake or likes to cook, just ask them how many wooden spoons they have or how many spatula's they own. They will most likely tell you "several of each". You can never have enough kitchen gadgets.

Like the heat resistant spoons or a cute little timer to set on the counter. Or how about a spatula turner that Rachael Ray has designed and is in her pretty blue color. And, who doesn't love stainless steel. Get a whole kitchen gadget set in stainless steel for the person on your list that loves that stainless steel look.

Like I say, you can't have enough kitchen gadgets in your kitchen. Maybe you could buy 5 or 6 wooden spoons, in all different sizes, and wrap them together with a beautiful ribbon. Now that is a perfect kitchen gift.

Singing Angels


Great Serving Dish

I always love getting a beautiful serving bowl or plate. You spend all day cooking a special meal and then have to serve it on your old every day dishes.

How about giving a beautiful glass serving plate. Something your cook could use to serve his specialty hamburgs all lined up in a row. Or, a beautiful shallow dish that could be used to serve salads, potato's or even deserts. I've always wanted an olive server but would never spend the money on myself so if your gift list has someone on it that loves olives, that would be a very special gift. I also love the thought of making some fudge or maybe some rock candy then putting it in a beautiful candy dish to give to someone special on your gift list. Check out the candy dish below. It is adorable.

The ideas are endless if you are looking for serving pieces. Serving pieces for everything from meats to pasta and from salads to candy. I'm sure you can find the perfect serving dish.



Baking & Cooking Books

Books have always been a great gift. I have bought several through the years and even this year I have purchased a few for one of my grandsons, a couple for one grandaughter. I also bought a big book on herbs for a close friend. The power of books is endless but to stay with the cooking theme I will suggest cooking books or baking books for your Christmas gift list person or persons.

I can highly recommend Martha Stewart's Baking book. It is full of wonderful tips and many, many wonderful recipes. I have tried several but one of the favorites was a birthday cake I did for my daughter. She says it was the best cake she ever had.

My husband and I watch a TV show called "Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives" and now they have a cookbook out which shows several recipes from the show. If you are a fan of the show you will be excited to get this book for yourself. I've already ordered mine.

And, if you are looking for everyday meals so you are not cooking the same things over and over again, give Rachael Ray's book a try. I think this would make a wonderful gift for that working lady or working man that is on your gift list.


The compost pail

Kitchen decor

OK, this isn't the most glamorous gift in the world but if you have a gardener who also loves to cook, they will love this.

Most of us, who love to bake or cook, are in the kitchen a lot of the time. If you also love to garden, whether it is a vegetable garden or a flower garden compost is the black gold for us gardeners. So while you are in the kitchen cleaning vegetables you can be filling up that compost pail which will also make those flowers or vegetables grow even bigger.

A counter top compost pail is perfect for collecting food scraps for transfer out to your compost pile and is a perfect gift for those who love to be in the kitchen cooking and also love their gardens.

Making music with pots and pans

Let me know what is on your Christmas Wish List.

What do you want for Christmas?

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