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Pick your poison part 3

Updated on March 7, 2017

Brown Spirits

Liquors that are brown in color usually come in a wide rage of flavors. They have a wide selection from whiskeys,cognacs, bourbons,rums, and tequila What's your favorite liquor out of these types listed? What do you like about the taste? The brown color usually comes from sugar cane and molasses during the distillation process. The color also depends on how long it has been aged,so the darker the older it is. I'm not very fond of strong liquor, I usually have to mix these liquors with something else to enjoy the drink. Most of these liquors are over 80 proof which is pretty high compared to beer and wine. Maybe this is why they are a fan favorite at bars and clubs, you will get a quick fix with possibly one strong drink.


Clear Spirits

liquors that are clear in color are vodka, and some white rums.Vodka is definitely one of the harder liquors but is probably the most commonly used. It can be mixed with almost anything considering the taste itself is mostly alcohol. It is produced by fermenting and distilling potatoes, who knew a potato could get you drunk? There are quite a few different vodka's to satisfy the vodka enthusiasts, you can buy really cheap bottom shelf to the more expensive top shelf liquors. Some people say they can only drink top shelf while others like the cheap stuff. I would say if it's going to be taken like a shot, you probably need top shelf. Other times you may be able to get away with bottom shelf. It all depends on how your body reacts to alcohol. If you are a beginner drinker, I would advise you take it slow and chase your drinks with water. Water will help keep you hydrated,and could possibly help you from getting hungover the next day. Some people vomit when they have had too much to drink,this can be caused by a number of things. So it's important to know what your body can handle. Drinking beverages loaded in over eighty proof liquor is a quick way to get drunk,but it can also make you sick. Some people prefer clear alcohol over all the alcohols combined and can consume this beverage with ease. One of the most famous drinks made with vodka is a vodka tonic but I would say that is more for the experienced drinker.


Popular drinks

Here are a list of popular drinks that you may want to try if you haven't already. One popular drink people drink around brunch or lunch is Bloody Mary's. Bloody Mary's consist of vodka, tomato juice,hot sauce, horseradish,lemon juice with a celery garnish. This drink kind of tastes like a spiked V8. Some people will wait until five'o clock to drink harder liquors. Drinks such as long island ice tea,sex on the beach,grateful dead, cosmopolitan,or a martini are all drinks with some type of vodka in them. Another popular drink that is is made with tequila is margarita's. Margarita's are so popular you can now purchase the frozen, ready made portion at your local grocery store. Alcohol is a billion dollar industry but many people fall victim to fatal accidents while under the influence. Please drink responsibly.


What it does to your body.

Some short term effects that alcohol can have on your body; it can impair your vision, and make your balance off. You are also warned not to drive and operate heavy machinery on alcohol labels. It can cause upset stomach making you nauseous and cause vomiting. It addition it can also cause dehydration and even worst cause alcohol poisoning. If this takes place you may have to get your stomach pumped to get the toxins out of your body. Alcohol can be addicting,and alcoholism is a genetic trait that is passed down through generations. it is important to know your history so you don't fall victim to the dangers of this drug. Over time alcohol can do damage to your liver,cause strokes,and possible oral cancers. It's also important to not drink if your carrying or planning to carry a child, alcohol can have an impact on fertility as well. The legal age for drinking alcohol is twenty one, but sometimes there are under aged drinkers trying to get by with drinking at a early age.Under aged drinkers may even try to use a fake ID just to get a taste alcohol. Drinking at a young age could be a possible gateway to other drugs,and may render you an alcoholic by thirty. It's nice to have fun and relax with a cocktail or two,but it is also important to know your limit as well.

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