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Picnic Food Ideas: Hong Kong Style

Updated on November 5, 2012

Picnic Food Ideas: Hong Kong Style


Picnic Food Ideas: Hong Kong Style


I do not think there are many people in this world who do not love a good picnic.  One of the best things about a picnic, though, besides the family, friends, and fun, is the prospect of trying new foods.  There are a lot of different and mouth-watering dishes offered from cultures from all over the world – especially from China.


If you have never been to a picnic themed with Chinese food, you are missing out.  Some of the best food you can find at a picnic comes specifically from Hong Kong.  This article will talk about picnic food ideas: Hong Kong style, and what they can bring to your next picnic for anyone who wants to enjoy tasty foreign treats.


Picnic Food Ideas Hong Kong Style: Hot Pots


One staple of Hong Kong cuisine can be found in restaurants all around that area: the hot pot.  A hot pot basically is a Chinese stew, commonly featuring vegetables, meat, and other additives.  A hot pot in a restaurant or kitchen usually sits in the middle of a table and has hot, steaming liquid – water, broth, or stock, most of the time – ready for ingredients to be added.  Various ingredients are placed into it and simmered, creating a delicious stew for all to enjoy.


For your picnic, try creating a hot pot of your own.  Take some chicken soup base, water, and salt, and mix them together until you get a slightly-salty base that suits your taste. Bring it to a boil and add in thinly-sliced pork, wontons, mushrooms, bok choy, and Chinese noodles.  Let this simmer.  Once it is done, people can begin eating from the pot as it stays warm throughout the meal.  This makes a great entrée and a great appetizer.


Picnic Food Ideas Hong Kong Style: Nian Gao


Nian gao is a very popular and very tasty type of pudding served especially for New Year’s in China (which typically falls in the winter for countries in the Western Hemisphere.)  In fact, the name is a homonym for “higher year”.  It is a lucky tradition to eat nian gao during the Chinese New Year.


The variety of nian gao found in Hong Kong often is sweet and sticky. It is made of glutinous rice that usually is sweetened with brown sugar and fried in a pan with egg. This creates a soft, chewy inner substance that is fried on the outside.  It can also be served with rosewater or red bean paste to form a very sticky pudding substance.


Picnic Food Ideas Hong Kong Style: Stir Fried Pan Noodles


Another delicious dish from Hong Kong for your picnic involves stir fried pan noodles.  These are basically flour noodles that have been fried in a pan and served with a variety of ingredients.  Bok choy is particularly tasty, along with fried pork, mushrooms, sesame oil, soy sauce, and chicken breast.  Of course, you can use just about anything with this dish – which is why it is such a great food to take with you on a picnic.



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