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Greek Myzithropita

Updated on July 25, 2016




In Greece we just love food and one of the things we enjoy is making traditional pies. We have different ones for almost every city and island. You can image.... You will never stop tasting our pies for sure!!!

So, now it is time for a new one here. It is called myzithropita. So, lets bake one...!!

Ingredients for the dough:

500gr soft flour

3 table spoon olive oil

1 egg

Ingredients for the filling:

Oil for frying

Honey for serving


500gr unsalted cheese - mytzithra

How we make it:

In a large bowl we have to all the above ingredients for the dough and then we have to stir.

When we are done with that, we must let it rest for about half an hour - preferable in the refrigerator. Then we take pieces from the dough and we shape small balls, where we put pieces of the cheese in the center of each ball. Then we close the ball and we mold it in our hands as if it were a disk. Be careful not to let the cheese get out!!

We put on a fry pan lots of oil and we fry them in lots of oil till they are browned on both sides. Then we remove them for the fry pan and we place them on a plate with an absorbent paper on it, in order to remove the oil. We pure honey on them and we sprinkle cinnamon on them...

Ready to be served!!!

** I am waiting for your comments when you taste it!!!


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