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How to Make a Plastic Pet Bottle Biltong Dryer

Updated on April 17, 2013

Here is an easy to make plastic pet bottle biltong dryer


Turn A 5 Liter Plastic Pet Bottle Into A Biltong Dryer

A plastic pet bottle biltong dryer has got to be the easiest kind of biltong dryer that anyone can make at home. You need a large plastic pet bottle to be able to dry a decent sized single piece of beef steak, though.

So, knowing that it is a good idea to recycle. Why knot challenge yourself to recycle your 5 liter plastic pet bottles by turning at least one of them into a Biltong Dryer. They are the perfect size for drying a single piece of beef thus turning that single piece of beef into a delicious strip of mouth watering biltong. I can guarantee you that your biltong will be a hit with all that come into contact with it, too.

Pet Bottle Biltong Dryer Parts

Her is a list of all of the parts you will need to go right ahead and make your plastic pet bottle biltong dryer.

1. A large plastic pet bottle. The squarish water bottles that have a lid with a diameter of about 10 centimeters (4 inches) are the best kind of bottle for your biltong dryer.

2. A small laptop computer fan. As you may already know, many laptops come pre-fitted with a small fan that is designed to circulate air in and around the laptops parts to keep them cool. These fans are compact, they are relatively cheap and they are perfect for circulating the air within your biltong dryer. Biltong is air dried beef, whereas beef jerky is smoke dried (smoked) beef.

3. A 12 volt power supply to run the computer fan. You can buy cheap (around 20 dollars) 12 volt power supply units from amazon.

4. Beef and this beef biltong spice kit.

5. A step by step guide on how to make your biltong. Go to my hub about Biltong and scroll down to the Sour Plum Biltong Recipe for detailed instructions for making your home made biltong.

As for the pet bottle biltong dryer, I am sure that if you have a good long hard look at the picture above, you will be able to figure out how to assemble the plastic pet bottle biltong dryer in no time at all. It really isn’t very hard to make.

If you are at all interested about the history of beef biltong, then I recommend that you check out the very entertaining article that I wrote about the history of biltong. Also, if a plastic pet bottle biltong dryer is not your thing, you might like to build something a little larger. I recommend building a wooden biltong drying box. This one in the picture below doesn’t even need a fan.

My Homemade Biltong Drying Box

It has a 60 watt light bulb inside to provide the dry air that is needed for drying the strips of beef.
It has a 60 watt light bulb inside to provide the dry air that is needed for drying the strips of beef. | Source

Easy Biltong Box - Made From Scraps


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    • CarNoobz profile image

      CarNoobz 5 years ago from USA

      Oh hahaha! When I first read this title and looked at the picture, I was like, "Is that his pet in there? IS HE GONNA EAT HIS PET?!" it. It's a pet bottle. My bad =/


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