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Power Food for Beautiful Indian Woman

Updated on September 24, 2012

Radiant skin, shiny hair, healthy skin and beautiful appearance will only highlight your outer beauty. Your outside beauty will be shine if you’re healthy from inside. And this can be judged by the level of nutrients intake in your food. It’s true: You are what you eat. So if you want to be a powerful woman, fill your diet with some tasty yet nutritious food that will help you lead a healthy lifestyle. Richly packed with proteins, calcium, vitamins, women need some good dose of healthy diet to keep them going in their day to day life. So, boost your health, enhance your beauty and stay powerful by consuming the given below list of super powerful food.


Parmesan Cheese for Strengthening Bones

From managing work and home, to running after kids and for meetings need some strong bones. What is required most is a good dose of calcium. Despite the fact that yoghurt is considered a good source of calcium, try and have some yummilicious cheese with toast in your healthy breakfast regime. You’ll turn a super woman!


Apple to Enhance Your Immune System

An apple a day, keeps a doctor away! We’ve been listening to his proverb since our childhood days. But, except for its high nutritive value that strengthen our immune system, apples are now thought to keep brain sharp with increasing age and therefore enhance memory.


Dark Chocolate for Stress Free Life

This definitely tops my list of super healthy food! Indulge in dark chocolate fantasy and live a stress free and disease free life. Because intake of dark chocolates will produce less of the stress hormone and you’ll be happy and joyful all the time! Enjoy some dark chocolate along with a glass of red wine for some extra pleasures and boost up your antioxidant levels.


Broccoli For a Wrinkle Free Skin

These are low in calories but high in health! This colorful veggie is a super healthy food that will produce collagen and offer a young glowing look by adding skin elasticity.


Nutritive Avocados

Avocados are one of the best healthy foods that women should have. They are high in nutrient content and are rich in heart healthy compounds. Eat avocados daily and you’ll be in shape that flaunt your curves in no time. This nutritive food will help you drop weight, lower your cholesterol level and also boost flavor of your meal. What more…they are simply tasty!


Love Lentils for Good Health

Low in fat, lentils are rich in many nutrients. They are also known as the natural weight loss food. Its high fiber content, lowers blood cholesterol, stabilizes blood sugar level in the body and finally allows you to lead a healthy and happy lifestyle.



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