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Preparing chicken ready to cook

Updated on June 5, 2010

Chicken - How to prepare for cooking ?

Those who do not like chicken will be very rare. But before eating the same none thinks about the method of slaughter. In order to get the best taste  a scientific method of slaughter is to be adopted. Here I wish to narrate that scientific method of slaughter of poultry. The various steps are described below.

1.       Procurement of best bird:-

A thick meated , full breasted and well finished bird will be a top grade bird. So choose one such bird for slaughter.

2.       Holding the birds :-

Withhold feed for 6-8 hours before killing. Give plenty of water before killing. Holding pen should be clean, cool and well ventilated. Birds should not be excited since it will affect bleeding. Catch the birds by legs below the thigh and do not allow to strike its breast on hard surface.

3.       Anti mortem inspection :-

Under necessary situation it is advisable to conduct before the killing of the bird.

4.       Killing :-

One method to kill the bird is stunning by electric shock. So muscles are relaxed and feather removal is easier.

Another method is killing by cutting throat of the bird. This is the approved and widely used method. Hold the bird firmly on its head and press the thumb and forefinger on both sides of the junction of upper and lower beaks. Insert the sticking knife towards the base of the skull. The point of knife is pressed into the flesh. Then lift the handle of knife upward and cut downwards and towards right. This will severe the veins.

5.       Bleeding :-

Birds should not be plucked before and after until the bleeding stops. Bleeding time is about 3 minutes. If not properly bleed , keeping quality of meat is lowered and undesirable smell will also develop.

6.       Scalding:-

The process of dipping the birds into warm water is called scalding. If scalding is done         the feather removal will be easy.

7.       Defeathering:-

Immediately after scalding defeathering is done. In modern industries machines are used for defeathering.

8.       Singeing :-

It is the process of removal remaining minute feathers by passing through a flame for a   moment.

9.       Venting:-

It is performed all defeathered carcass by removing the cloacal portion of the bird. So the waste matter will not spoil the meat. Carcass should be washed immediately.

10.   Washing and evisceration:-

The evisceration: and dressing include removal of head, removal of crop  and wind pipe , removing the feet at the hock joints. Make an incision from the rear end of the keel bone to the rectum and cut around rectum. Draw the intestines, heart and liver through the above opening. Remove the bile sac from liver. Split the gizzard and remove the contents.

In the viscera liver, heart and gizzard are taken as edible part and kept inside the carcass. Wash the dressed bird well and then shaped to give a compact appearance( Trussing), chilled packed and marketed as whole chicken.

Flow Chart for Preparation Ready to Cook

Procurement of birds


Holding Period


Ante mortem inspection












Hand Finish




Post mortem inspection


Washing and cleaning








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      abidareacode 7 years ago from Areacode , Kerala, India

      Thevoice....Seems you typed in hurry

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      thevoice 7 years ago from carthage ill

      tasty quality food hub great reading thanks sorry was sick